Mariner's Cove Apartments Parking Lot Lights Do Not Meet Code Requirements Archived

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Mariner's Cove apartments have installed lighting in their parking lot that do not meet setback/shielding requirements for outdoor lighting. These lights are creating a glare nuisance to the abutting residential homes on the west side of their property (along 14th St S). Pursuant St Petersburg Code Section 16.40.070 - Lighting - "Setback or shielding requirement. On commercial lots which abut property that is
residentially zoned or has a residential use, all outdoor lighting fixtures shall be set back
a minimum distance from the nearest lot line or “house-side shielding” shall be used on
the residential property side of the lighting fixture as indicated in the following diagram. A
house-side shield consists of a visor or shielding panel that attaches to a lighting fixture.
This provision is applicable for both light poles and lighting fixtures mounted on the side
or top of a building or structure. "


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