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City of St. Petersburg


Sidewalk/Curb Repair


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sidewalk, overgrowth

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I had 4 inches… Think about that, 4 tiny inches… Of overgrowth onto my right away sidewalk. I was given 10 days to clear it and when I didn’t I got a $100 fine. After clearing it I notified the city that now there was a trip hazard with their sidewalk. That was 18 days ago! Does the city now get $100 fine from the citizens??? Why do citizens only get 10 days to fix something as silly as overgrowth before we get fined $100 or more, yet the city has unlimited time to fix something that could result in somebody literally breaking their neck??!! (of course you will just send this on to the city but why don’t you for once actually answer the question I mean you are the MAYORS office ??? )

also asked...
Q. Is this a curb or sidewalk issue?
A. Sidewalk
Q. Location of sidewalk/curb issue?
A. South west corner of 5th St., South and 13th Ave., South.
Q. Is the sidewalk made of hex blocks?
A. No

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