Dangerous vacant house, illegal dumping, and squatters Archived

10302 Morley St Detroit, MI 48204, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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City of Detroit


Illegal Dump Sites


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House is located across the street from above address. Was contacted by a concerned citizen that this vacant house has druggies and drunks coming in and out. House is directly in the path of where little children walk to school. She is worried about the children. She contacted inspectors and one even came out to the home. Told the woman that the city will not do anything about this house unless someone is killed in it or a dead body is found in it. Woman is worried this will happen soon. Please board this up from squatters and help the kids in the area stay safe. House is loaded with dumped garbage.

also asked...
Q. Is the dumping occurring on private property?
A. No
Q. Is this a vacant structure or vacant lot?
A. Yes
Q. What type of materials have been dumped?
A. Just about everything. Can see into house windows.
Q. Where is the debris located on the property?
A. Other


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