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The scrub trees on the southwest corner of N 79th St and Central ave. make it very dangerous for vehicles going southbound turning left with the light to see vehicles approaching the intersection as the stop line is back. this also as you can see makes it hard for east bound drivers to see approaching vehicles. Vehicles going eastbound speed routinely and run this light. My neighbor was in such an accident not her fault. i was almost hit a couple of weeks ago turning right with the light and could not see the vehicle running the light until almost too late. Thinking this was Treasure Islands issuse a drove straight to their Public Works. They responded the next day an took out as much as was on their property and came back and removed a bottlebrush tree.
They advised me that the rest was on the City of St Pete's side and they would have to remove.
Can this be addressed before someone else is hurt or worse.

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Q. Location of tree
A. On City Property


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