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From: Thibodo Park
Date: Mon, Nov 18, 2019 at 9:37 AM
Subject: Fwd: Thibodo Park Pickle Ball courts

Vista City Manager,

November 8th we sent you the email below about the Pickleball noise at Thibodo Park. Todate we have not received an acknowledgement of receiving the email nor the courtesy of a reply.

Yesterday several of us couldn't enjoy the warm weather in our backyards because of the nonstop noise from the pickleball courts! This is getting beyond annoying.

Please address our concerns with a reply to our email.

Thibodo Park Homeowners

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From: Thibodo Park
Date: Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 9:27 AM
Subject: Thibodo Park Pickle Ball courts

Vista City Manager,

We are a group of homeowners that live adjacent to Thibodo Park.

It’s nice the city converted a tennis ball court to Pickle ball courts but you forgot about us, the homeowners! Vista didn’t do their due diligence with regards to the noise created on pickle ball courts. Creating pickle ball courts in a residential area was not a good idea.

Sadly, we never received notification from the city of the intent to convert a tennis court to pickle ball courts at Thibodo Park nor the adverse noise from the courts that the courts would generate.

The LOUD noise pollution from the paddles hitting the whiffle ball and the LOUD voices from groups of people (sometimes 20, 30 or more) giving cheers and yelling is very annoying. We can no longer open our doors and/or windows to let fresh air in, enjoy quiet solitude time in our homes with windows and/or doors open, enjoy the sounds of nature or entertain in our own backyards due to the pickle ball noise. It starts as soon as the park is open shortly after 7am and continues almost nonstop during weekdays and especially on the weekends until the lights go out on the courts at night, (by the way, court lights should go out an hour or more prior to 9:30pm). A few weeks ago, there were over 40 people playing in the late afternoon, early evening. There were so many people they had to park on Lupine Hills Rd. They also had a table set up for food and drinks in the courts!

Imagine if you will playing ping pong and the sound of the ball hitting the paddles amplified a thousand times. That is the sound of pickle ball!

Other communities where pickle ball courts are surrounded by homes have limited play times from 9am or later to 5pm.

Our homes are our decompression zones, sanctuaries and a place of peace and quiet be it inside or outside of our houses. The last noise we want to hear is people playing pickle ball at 7:15 am on Sunday morning (which happens frequently) or groups of people on the pickle ball courts when we come home from a long or hard day of work! Vista has invaded our homes with unwanted noise from the pickle ball courts.

We are disappointed in Vista for not taking adequate measures to reduce or eliminate the sound coming from the courts for the residents that live close Thibodo Park. We deserve better consideration from the city of Vista.

If the city of San Diego can shut down a dog park from noise complaints, Vista can shut down or relocate the courts to a different area in Vista.

If the city of Carlsbad can put up sound deadening material on the pickle ball courts at Poinsettia Park, Vista can do the same! Please read the following link how Carlsbad was proactive to the noise problem from pickle ball courts.

Vista has an obligation and responsibility to mitigate the noise problem they have created.

Vista should enact one or more of the following remedies:

1. Remove/relocate pickle ball courts form Thibodo Park.

2. Extend the height of chain link fence on all four sides at least 8 to 10 feet above the current fence height and install special sound damping material like Carlsbad has done from top to bottom of the fence.

Rumor has it Vista is thinking of converting the remaining tennis court to pickle ball courts. If the rumor is true, we implore Vista not to follow thru with this conversion and create more unwanted noise.

The ancient Greeks had it figured out a long time ago. They built amphitheaters. They knew that sound travels up from the stage. The Pickle Ball courts at Thibodo Park set in a bowl and acts like a stage. The annoying sound of paddles hitting whiffle balls travels up to all the residences that surround the “bowl” just like in an amphitheater.


Concerned Thibodo Park Residences

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