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Potholes, Flooding, or Sidewalk Issues Acknowledged

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City of Pinellas Park


Potholes, Flooding, or Sidewalk Issues


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I hit the potholes and bent both rims on the right side of my truck .I can't drive my truck the way the rim is bent .not only are there 2 big potholes I drove in the area and there's another large one at Burger King

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A. Hitting the deep potholes I have 2 bent rims which is very costly to replace my rims are 368.00 a piece and then a alignment is 95.00 .It's hard to find my rims my truck is a special edition Harley Davidson truck. I called the management company the lady stated on well.I went around and talk to the business and they been complaining to her to fix the potholes. Please help me no one should have to figure out how get this taken care of . It's their reposabitlty


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