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It's a beautiful afternoon in Raleigh near downtown, I'm in my yard dozing in the sun enjoying the birds and reading. It's Saturday so no work today. There is the distant hustle bustle as neighbors walk their children to Spark Con over on Fayetteville Street. Wow it's great to live near downtown Raleigh. Then I hear the monstrous noise of a MOTORCYCLE. Stop Sign. Sputter Pop, Pop, Pop. Accelerate, louder, then louder, then vroom Pop, Vroom Pop. I hate Loud Motorcycles. Quiet, Birds singing. 10 minutes later. A second motorcycle. And you know the rest. My beautiful home and city subjected again to a monster invasion. What Can I do? Where are the Police? Why are these people allowed to inflict their noise on others? They must be deaf by now. Where is the City Council? Are we afraid of these Bullies on two wheels? I know I am. That's why the reported address is not where I live. But an address where these same motorcycles can be heard.

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