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The intersection at 67th St & Hollis St is dangerous. I work at a nearby company, and I have witnessed four accidents at the intersection since last November. Berkeley PD has come by a few of them, so there could be a log of accident reports there. Many of them happen because the intersection has a two-way stop sign. Speeding drivers, who have the right of way, often collide with drivers trying to cross Hollis Street. In addition, drivers going south on Hollis St. occasionally go too fast when they turn right onto 67th St. (Again, I've seen Berkeley PD pull over a few drivers at this intersection - there could be a log of reports.) Many workers are walking around that area and are loading trucks right around the corner, and it concerns me when drivers plow through that intersection. My hope is that we can get a 4-way stop sign there to reduce the auto accidents and the chance of a ped vs. auto accident. At the very least, we could at least get a "Yield to Pedestrian" sign like they have on 66th St/Hollis St.

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