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flood, drain problem

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Our neighbor at 11500 116th Ave N
Largo, FL 33778 has been calling and texting then tonight came banging on our door complaining that after we finish irrigating it drains around to her mailbox. There is maybe an inch or less of water in the drain in front of her mailbox. It does not go into her yard at all. When it rains, it drains the same way. It also dries up within 30 minutes. She has lived there for over 10 to 12 years And just started her drunkin rage on us for really no reason. We would appreciate anything you could do in the way of sending Linda a letter stating the day and times (which she is aware of) to irrigate and any runoff is bound to happen. We gave been very patient and kind to Linda but tonight was quite fearful with her horrible screaming potty mouth. You can reach me at Rebecca 7275185001 or comment on my account of what’s being done or what we need to do. This is my second request. Nothing Happened but my request was being passed around to See click fix. We are going to adjust/replace some irrigation heads along the driveway but really not sure if that will stop any drainage. Someone called and I returned the call immediately and left a detailed message but never heard anything back.


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