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The crosswalk spanning University Ave by Menlo Ave (by Drager's) is confusing to motorists and dangerous to pedestrians. Driving down University towards Middle, motorists must contend with a) a strange double stop, b) a sudden, car-length split into left-turn/straight lanes, and c) an angled crosswalk. Moreover, signs/instructions are placed in unexpected locations. These unique features lead to cognitive overload, especially when pedestrians are present - it often becomes unclear as to who has right of way. While crossing this crosswalk earlier today (proceeding towards the side opposite Drager's), I was nearly struck by a driver heading towards Middle in the "straight" lane (on the far side of Drager's). While the driver was at the first stop sign, I began to cross, but a stopped car in the left-turn lane obscured the driver's view of me. By the time the driver was at the second stop sign, I was in the middle of the crosswalk and hidden by the driver's A-pillar. The car came within a foot of running me over and didn't see me until I was at their window. I have witnessed other close calls at this intersection as well. I'm not sure what the specific solution is, but my general feeling is that the intersection/crosswalk needs to be simplified. I don't believe the orange flags at this intersection are adequate (and seem unsafe given COVID-19).

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