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The owner of 435 Red Cedar Ct, preparing his home for sale, piled a substantial amount of earth around the base of a very large tree behind his property on land that is a designated preserve. This seriously altered drainage in violation of Sec. 16.20.160 of the city code; backyards to either side are now failing to empty of runoff from rains. The homeowner knows of the prohibition against such alterations (he has long served on the board of the neighborhood HOA) but has refused to remedy the situation in what appears to be an instance of self-dealing. The board president has deflected responsibility to an outside property manager who hasn't acted either. The runoff has dug a growing channel to either side of the tree; the channel is now clogged with debris which is preventing drainage. Standing water has now backed up into neighboring backyards, attracting mosquitoes and in at least one instance partially washing out a brick walkway.

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A. Property Maintenance Issues
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