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Environmental Complaint (Garbage & Debris, Weeds/ Vegetation, etc.) Acknowledged

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City of Newark


Environmental Complaint (Garbage & Debris, Weeds/ Vegetation, etc.)


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Upper Vailsburg

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Two rusty 40 foot shipping containers and piles of garbage and broken down equipment/household goods are still located on the property despite months of complaints and multiple code enforcement inspections. The rat population continues to increase with so many areas to breed, this dump needs to be cleaned up.

also asked...
Q. Select item of complaint
A. Garbage and Debris
Q. Is it on public or private property?
A. Private Property
Q. Where is the nest located? (Please be descriptive on the exact location i.e tree, bench, pole, etc.)
A. no nest, resident hoarding mess is located throughout backyard and industrial shipping containers are in the driveway

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