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Traffic/Street Sign


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For the stretch of Town Center Dr between Providence Main St and Off Broadway St, as well as the extent of Off Broadway St, I would implore the city to allow street parking on only one side of the street. Present-day, parking is allowed on both sides of the street, despite that leaving insufficient width to safely operate two-way traffic on either of these streets. This leads to significant slowdowns in traffic, as drivers often need to come to a complete stop or pull into a free parking space to allow oncoming traffic to navigate through.

I don't know if this issue falls under the city's Traffic/Street Sign category, but I think that signage enforcing parking on only one side of the street for Off Broadway St and that small stretch of Town Center Dr would significantly improve traffic flow in the evenings, reduce the risk of collision, and improve pedestrian safety. Only a handful of street parking places would disappear, with multiple free parking lots (that are often below capacity) within walking distance.

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