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Traffic: Signal, Signage, and Striping Maintenance Acknowledged

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City of Jersey City


Traffic: Street Signage Maintenance


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There is a one way sign that is covered by tree branches and the sign is not visible to drivers so many of them go the wrong way down the one way street which is Blue Spruce Lane where they are illegally making a right turn onto this street from Gates Avenue. The resident is suggesting that a lighted/flashing one way sign be put in place instead of the current one because it isn't visible. Additionally since the street has been made a one way street, the "Stop Sign" needs to come down because it is confusing to drivers. The stop sign is located at the other end of Blue Spruce Lane at the Seaview Avenue Side next to the driveway for Walgreens.

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A. 2. Traffic: Street Signage Maintenance (For all requests for new sign installations, replacements, corrections, relocations, and removals. Requests are typically addressed within 1 to 2 months.)
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