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Do you have to fill in all the bubbles on a ballot for your vote to count? Say I'm undecided on 1 candidate or one of the two questions? Can I skip it?

Sean f
Sean f

Leaving certain lines on the bal...<a href="/new-haven/questions/2975-Do-you-have-to-fill-in-all-the-bubbles-on-a-ballot-for-your-vote-to-count-Say-I-m-undecided-on-1-candidate-or-one-of-the-two-questions-Can-I-skip-it">Read more &#187;</a>

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I just moved to a new address in New Haven but my license shows my old address in New Haven. Where should I vote?

Nick Gauthier
Nick Gauthier

Yes, for this election you should vote as peter said because EDay is so close. However, for future reference you can change your voting address to where you claim residence on day one of claiming residence in a new location.

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We have recently acquired a lot with no parking signs in front. How can we get this restriction removed so that we can park on the street.

Doug Hausladen, Director of Transportation Traffic & Parking
Doug Hausladen, Director of Transportation Traffic & Parking

The first step is generally through the Alde...<a href="/new-haven/questions/2347-We-have-recently-acquired-a-lot-with-no-parking-signs-in-front-How-can-we-get-this-restriction-removed-so-that-we-can-park-on-the-street">Read more &#187;</a>