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  • 4016 Canon Avenue Oakland, California - Glenview
    My home driveway is frequently block or partially blocked by either parked or double parked cars in my neighborhood. Since my driveway is very narrow and the street is also narrow, this makes it either impossible or extremely difficult for me to drive my car off my property. A neighborhood Cordinator suggested submitting a request for parking "T's." I am open to other suggestions available. Thank you.
  • Macarthur Boulevard And Canon Avenue Oakland, CA - Glenview
    often patrons Park across the street on Canon Avenue from southern cafe, appearing to be picking up takeout orders? our street is so narrow that in doing so it completely blocks one lane of traffic. This occurs most often weekends and evenings. I would like to make the suggestion that the curb be painted prominently red and marked "no parking, tow away zone." I would also early age of the city to speak directly with the owner / manager of southern cafe to notify them they bear the responsibility to notify and monitor their patrons. otherwise, neighbors may have to escalate their concerns to the City Council.