Christopher Yasiejko

  • 833 South Mildred Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Bella Vista
    Someone tagged the exterior wall of PNC Bank a few nights ago.
  • S Columbus Blvd And Christian Street Philadelphia, PA - Queen Village

    The traffic light on northbound Columbus Boulevard at Christian Street has a dangerously quick signal for left turns. Rarely do more than four cars get through it before it turns red.

    Cars must dash through the very short left-turn lane, swing the wheel to the left and drive over wicked bumps and potholes.

    Something must be done about the road (already reported) and about the signal timing. This is an accident waiting to happen. A simple tweak to, say, 15 seconds might save a life.

  • 700-799 S. 8th St. Philadelphia, PA - Bella Vista

    The 700 block of South 8th Street (between Christian and Fitzwater streets) is perpetually covered with trash. We've lived nearby for seven years and at no point has the block been clean.

    Is the city aware that this block exists? Does street sweeping exist?

    It truly is a blight on the neighborhood, and such disregard invites crime.

  • 800 S. Mildred St. Philadelphia, PA - Bella Vista
    The 800 block of South Mildred Street can handle trash trucks and recycling trucks, but apparently not a snow plow. The city ignores the street after every snowstorm.