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  • Across From 122 Newbury St. At The Pole Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    not sure if it is Verizon? or what....I think it used to be tied to the pole in a circle at some point? Why they are allowed to do that--I am not sure-ugly and then they can fall down.
  • Newbury St. Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    saw on crime reports on Framingham patch online:
    attempted break-in on 169 Newbury st.--make sure your doors and cars are locked! Happening everywhere including at our YMCA, Hardy St., and Old Connecticut Path near us. Lets keep an eye out and watch out for each other! Get involved!
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    122 Newbury St. Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    when is our street's trees being picked up? our usual trash day was Monday, 2 days ago? I am sure the dept is inundated but if you could give us an update that would be great. Called highway dept. on Monday and they seemed confused on what was happening and when? (4:06pm) Maybe I had wrong dept? thank u
  • 122 Newbury St. Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    people stop at my property #122 constantly looking for #125 Newbury daily! They are lost looking for this address and go the wrong way down our street, stop at my address and 10 Burr to get directions, pull into our would be nice to see that property renumbered as Whittier St. instead of Newbury and have people find this commercial building from that way off rt. 30 and on gps, rather than coming on to residential Newbury. Since Braintree rehab moved in and doctors' offices we have a mess on our street due to this now. I made a homemade sign on my property, but i dont want an ugly sign put on my property!! please help with this. Thank you. Someone will get killed on our street due to wrong way driving which is a constant problem too.
  • 122 Newbury St. Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    love the tree, but full of carpenter ants for years and limbs keep falling off, holes all in the tree. 2 trees in 1 bordering our fence near line of #122/#120. thank you.
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    Newbury And Burr Streets Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    fire hydrant on residents property, (burgundy house) on corner, needs a paint job for the summer.
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    Leggatt Mccall Connector (Near Burr) Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    sign still up with black out plastic hanging on this street from last year, think there is also one where Burr dumps out on to Rt. 30 too, take them down if no longer needed?
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    Newbury And Whittier Streets Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    someone seems to have knocked it down. Also if you shorten them where drivers can read them better at a lower height, maybe people will stop driving down our one-way the wrong-way???
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    Speen & Newbury St.S Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    if someone hits the above, they will get a minimum of a blowout or flat tire....please view and fix, it is at the island at light....
  • 122 Newbury St. Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    due to changes on our street with companies moving in like healthsouth, a doctors office, and the pediatrics that has been there at 125 which is end of street (numbered from old days?)...I know have a lot of customers/patients getting lost and driving up on my lawn, turning in my driveway, trying to find location.....or they will drive down the wrong way of street and in across from my house to 10 Burr St., trying to find #125 as it is house is 122 so they see that and then wonder where 125 is, which is all the way at end of street on left near traffic lights, maybe needs better signage? Have businesses direct them via rt.30, to whittier and in that entrance instead? I have put a makeshift sign under my mailbox but that is not good and I dont want any signage on my property! If you can come up with something, would be great. Did not know who to report this too....can reach me here or afternoons/evenings...thank you.
  • 315 Old Connecticut Path Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    I went to this place last week to get to-go, and there was a very nice man there. However it must have changed management, because 1. the smell, when I walked in there was not good for a food place, smelled like something rotten, 2. there were personal papers/items stacked up behind the counter on something..not sure if on a stove or what....the food in bakery dishes did not look good either.....I ordered just a garlic pizza which was good and seemed okay, the salads looked okay except for the dressing...I asked for Italian and I got a lump of white stuff floating in oil...did not eat that as it looked like either in it was frozen or a big lump of mozzarella in oil, not sure what that was and was not going to look any further. They lost me as a customer. The whole layout does not look good behind the counter and kind of hidden-like.
  • 135-139 Newbury St. Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    not sure who to send this to: I thought I had already put this out there on site but cannot find it?
    1. Every year I do not see this school picking up their leaves on the front property and side adjacent to 10 Burr St. (JF White), and instead they blow over to our property and my poor husband has to pick them up. We are tired of it. From mid-Oct thru end of Nov., please ask them to pick them up once a week on fridays as we pick up ours on Sunday at 4ish. We are so frustrated with this issue. This school also has pencils, water bottles, trash all over their property and no one picks it up. We were told in initial neighbor meetings that their kids are great and they would be no problem, blah blah blah, but their students can't be asked to clean the outside property once a week of all of THEIR own garbage? I try to support schools but they need to be more aware of their residential neighbors and respect us. Thank you.
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    Greenleaf Circle And Corner Of Newbury St. white house on right with fence, Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    grown over sidewalk people are walking on, plus it looks nasty. Across from Bjs.
  • 135-139 Newbury St. Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Problems with McCauliffe School across from my house:
    3rd year of having to pick up all the fall leaves from their property blowing on to mine, too many, would be nice if they picked them up once a week on Friday as we clean up ours at our home on husband cannot keep picking up all their leaves/garbage blowing over to our home. This goes on from mid oct-mid nov.. Also they leave out playground equipment and other kids come out on weekends and drag it out and play with it while yelling/making noise disturbing residents who were here long before the school was. Pencils/garbage left on/and around green turf and grass (grass has died/horrible look for the neighborhood)....they said would put up a fence in their original plans, never did sometimes their ball playing comes into our residence area/driveway near our cars....we believe in good schools but these people need to learn to be better neighbors like they promised us in the beginning. When you live right across from this it is not great, would have preferred more office people in these buildings than this. DOVER ACT?-should not allow schools walking over other residents' rights.
  • 135 Newbury St. Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    in original neighbors meeting, we were in the understanding that buses would go behind their school off of Burr and come out on Newbury close to where it intersects with Whittier...why then, are they now going by my house at #122 and stopping in front of my neighbors at #120 and loading????? McConnelly and Sons buses? This is NOT supposed to be happening...stick to the agreement. This is why we neighbors did not want a school in front of our houses and on our street. Also they should pick up the garbage and broken pencils on their playground in front or it ends up on neighbors properties, that includes their fall leaves that they dont pick up through November and end up on our lawns. Please talk to them.
  • Plot Plans Archived
    Newbury Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Saw a surveyor there in the empty weedy lot where trucks are parked periodically...said something would be going in but not what? What is going to be going in to this unkept area to the right of 305 Old Ct Path?
  • Highway Archived
    305 Old Connecticut Path Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    It looks like someone took the top screw off the stop sign so it is hanging funny....please fix.....busy intersection.....
  • 96 Newbury St. Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    use to be a rental property, not sure if it is still: rotten trees are there property laying on ground for over 4 one takes them away, disgusting.....if there is a landlord, should be written up. Need an ugly law in Framingham....
  • 90 Newbury St. Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    their 8-9 foot shrubs hanging over sidewalks hitting me on the head of my 5 foot body when I walk my dog.....they never trim their crap! And the shrubs planted by the town in front of their house when new traffic pattern was made years ago need a good trim too.
  • Newbury St. Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    general question about pine year I was told leaves another year I was told wondering what it is now?