Sam Elliot

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  • 549 Pond Street Westwood, Massachusetts - Westwood
    Parked across from the Sheehan Principal's parking spot to go vote Tuesday night about 5:30. It was dark. Proceeded to walk across the small grass area between the main parking area to the paved area in front of the school. Almost went for a swim. The area was flooded and there's no light shining onto that area towards the entrances. Either there's a light out or there's no light on the pole between the two entrances. Really wasn't happy about sinking about 8 inches into mud and water and the entire area was flooded. Regardless of the rain, there needs to be a light up on the the pole shining in towards the main parking area. Thanks
  • Summer Street Westwood, Massachusetts - Westwood

    What happened?

    Multiple message boards up for two weeks indicating Summer Street would be closed on April 17th from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

    Went through there on my way to Needham at 7:00AM and no work activity. Came back to Westwood at 8:09AM and road is closed from Westfield to Summer! Noted message board had been changed to indicare road closed from 7:00AM to 4:00PM!

    Then I had to go back to Needham and went via Summer at 8:39AM and found Summer closed at Grove!

    Where is the Town in monitoring the disruptions to our streets. And please don't deflect the blame onto Eversource. The Town is responsible for being aware of what is happening on our roads. Why didn't our DPW send someone out there to check? If you continue to blame Eversource, obviously you have had enough experience with them to know they'll pull a fast one and you should be monitoring. Heaven knows we've poured millions into the DPW the past 10 years. This is inexcusable. This has happened time and time again and all we get is that it's Eversource's ir sineone else's fault.

    And once again, where were the telephone and email notifications about this happening?

  • 107 Sexton Ave Westwood, Massachusetts - Westwood

    Wondering why the street outside #107 was excavated late yesterday.


  • Pond St Westwood, Massachusetts - Westwood

    Never got an answer to my inquiry from 8/8/2016 regarding intolerable construction noise at 2:00AM in the morning over 4 nights.

    Just received a notice last week that my complaint was closed!

    What gives?

  • 549 Pond Street Westwood, Massachusetts - Westwood
    What is the situation with all the heavy equipment operating starting at 3:00 AM this morning? Last week as well starting as early as 3:45 AM. Seems to be coming from the Sheehan School.