Rank: Civic Crusader Civic Points: 395
  • 901 E Edenton St Raleigh 27601, United States - North Central
    Garbage strewn on the property.
  • 109 Idlewild Ave Raleigh, North Carolina - North Central
    tenants and loiterers throw trash on the street, broken beer bottles, etc., is laying around the property. Unsightly and dangerous.
  • 617 New Bern Avenue Raleigh, North Carolina - North Central
    trees and shrubs overgrown and covering sidewalk. The sidewalk is impassable in many areas due to the overgrown vegetation.
  • 109 Idlewild Ave Raleigh, North Carolina - North Central
    Over-inhabited rental property, prostitution. This is a rental property which is over-inhabited by individuals who use the dwelling as a drug dealing hub and there is an elder female prostitute who is often indecently exposed. These tenants and the individuals who stay there frequently fight late at night outside, frequently disturbing the peace, and there is nearly always heavy drug traffic. Please vote and share so we can help make Idlewild Ave a safer and more pleasant place to live.