BJ Robinson, Community Watch

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  • 3912 Grunden Dr Sw Huntsville, AL, 35805, USA - Huntsville
    No picture. Imagine the interior of this house exploded and the tenants just threw everything they owned into the front yard before they disappeared. I suspect the property management agents are engaged in eviction processes that have to be completed before the junk still left after everybody has dug through it is complete but this is one heck of an eyesore. Can the City do anything about it in terms of trash removal?
  • Pothole Closed
    4002 Apollo Dr Sw Huntsville, AL, 35805, USA - Huntsville
    Last spring the City dug up the north side of the street at this address to repair a leaking sewer line. They filled in the resulting hole with nothing but gravel and never permanently repaired/paved the location. Over time, that area is impassable and cars veer around the spot to avoid it. Request permanent repair/paving be done as soon as possible. Thank you!
  • 4434 Millvale Dr Sw Huntsville, AL, 35805, USA - Huntsville
    The residents at this address either don't own a lawnmower or think they don't need one. The grass is knee-high and clogged with debris. Various neighbors have begged them to cut the lawn but they don't do it. Can the City get their attention? Thank you.
  • Centaur Blvd Sw Huntsville, AL, 35805, USA - Huntsville
    Once again a large broken tree has floated down McDonnell Creek to lodge under the bridge at the Calvary Church at the east end of Centaur Drive and Squaw Valley. It is way too big for us to remove and it's catching all the floating debris that washes down there and gets stuck. Need City help to get it removed.
  • Broyles Ave Sw & Penny St Sw Huntsville, AL, 35805, USA - Huntsville
    This is a vacant lot at the east corner of Broyles Avenue where it meets Penny Street. Long empty, only a concrete pad remains where a house used to be. The yard and trees and shrubs are horribly overgrown and the grass alone is probably waist-high. The City used to cut this property but have now apparently stopped. Neighbors are concerned about the number of snakes in that mess. Can somebody inspect this and get it cleaned up? Photo will follow.
  • Neighborhood Church Of The Advent Huntsville, AL, USA - Huntsville
    I really hate to nit-pick after the City did a good job removing most of the floating debris stuck under the bridge here (Cavalry Church of the Nazarene) and closed the original issue but as of today there's again a hunk of floating tree debris that has re-lodged under the bridge at this address. It looks exactly like the root ball of the fallen tree itself that was causing the original congestion. Apparently it was not removed at all. Please send a boom truck to pull this out from under the bridge supports. Let's be done with this.
  • Neighborhood Church Of The Advent Huntsville, AL, USA - Huntsville
    Follow-on post to existing service request at 3940 Telstar Circle to clear clogged bridge supports at the Church of the Nazarene because of flooding in McDonnell Creek. Adding photo.
  • 3940 Telstar Cir Sw Huntsville, AL, 35805, USA - Huntsville
    The bridge over McDonnell Creek near the Church of the Nazarene at 3940 Telstar Circle is once again clogged with storm debris from recent heavy rains. There is a downed 35-foot tree involved that catches all sorts of floating debris. McDonnell Creek was built by the Army Corps of Engineers back in the 1950's but it is not considered government property once it flows under Patton Road. It is City property at that point. The City has cleared debris there before and we need that to happen again and as quickly as possible. Thank you.
  • 4021 Talwell Drive Sw Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    There is a water leak under the street in the vicinity of 4021 Talwell Drive where Talwell intersects with Millvale Circle near McDonnell Creek. You can seek water bubbling through the asphalt and draining into the gutter there. 4021 Talwell is currently unoccupied.
  • Pothole Archived
    4030 Centaur Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    There are two similar potholes at either end of Centaur. One at 4030 Centaur and another at the church near the bridge at 3940 Telstar. Same street, same issues. These have been "fixed" a number of times but well, duh.
  • 4022 Talwell Drive Sw Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    This resident needs a haybaler by this time, not a lawnmower. Yard is terribly overgrown and in serious need of mowing. Am hopeful a City warning will be sufficient. Thank you!
  • 3940 Telstar Circle Huntsville Alabama - Huntsville
    Our Community Watch needs to find out how to get the support trusses under the bridge over McDonnell Creek between Telstar Circle and Squaw Valley Drive near the Church at 3940 Telstar cleared of a couple years worth of floating junk that rainstorms have lodged there. Limbs, tree debris, like that. I know we managed to get it done using City resources about 2 years ago but only after we were first told that because McDonnell Creek was built by the Army Corps of Engineers back in the 1950's it had to be an Arsenal remediation effort, but when the Army was contacted, they said their ownership ended where the creek passed under Patton Road leaving the Arsenal, at which point it became City property. Any assistance would be appreciated as proper drainage is impacted.
  • 4103 Talwell Drive Sw Huntsville Alabama - Huntsville
    Sometime during the last 2 weeks in May the Fire Department came out to check local hydrants for proper operation (they open the valves and let the water run a while and then shut them down). This time they installed a new closure or cap on one end of the hydrant in my yard and since then it's been surrounded by a standing pond of water that birds love...but so do mosquitoes. I didn't think they turned off the hydrant completely so I called HFD non-emergency to ask for them to come check it. Last Saturday HSV Utils came instead and played around with it and said they could still hear water running there but didn't know what the new outlet mechanism or cap was for...metering something? They left it alone and said they'd get somebody out this week to check it out and make sure the water is completely off. Can someone expedite this process?
  • 4221 Penny Street Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    The resident at this address reported low-hanging lines from a power pole at her home but cannot get anybody from the services she knows provide her home with utility or data lines to come re-hang the drooping wires. I suggested she first start with HSV Utilities...if it's not a power line perhaps they can tell her who they belong to. Would like to get this resolved.
  • 4018 Telstar Circle Sw Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    Recently I asked if the City could install a new streetlight on a dark cul-de-sac in our neighborhood in the vicinity of this address. I was told this was a County issue and my request was closed. It is NOT a County issue and there is now a work order from the City to install a new light on an existing utility pole there. I wondered about the County connection since the City replaces burned out street lights if you report them. Thank you, Bill Kling, for your assistance.
  • 4018 Telstar Circle Sw Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    This is a small cul-de-sac off NE Telstar Circle. There are 5 houses on it and no dedicated streetlight. There is a streetlight at the cul-de-sac entrance on Telstar proper but it's too dim to penetrate that area and there have been a couple of break-ins. There are two existing utility poles there that I think could handle a new light in that area and the residents have asked for one. Thank you!
  • 3940 Telstar Circle Sw Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    There is a bridge crossing McDonnell Creek at Telstar Circle leading to Squaw Valley Drive. The creek was built by the Corps of Engineers years ago so am not sure this is a City or a Redstone problem. Floating debris in the creek washes up against the bridge footings and gets lodged there, blocking the water from freely flowing underneath. That debris needs to be cleaned out.