Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 92,465
  • 1501-1515 Bernard Fisher Hwy Clearfield, UT, 84015, USA - Clearfield
    The green light didn’t not show up and the light stayed red despite the crossing walk light working.
  • Pothole Open
    Bernard Fisher Hwy Clearfield, UT, 84015, USA - Clearfield
    Pothold on the east bound lane right before the light.
  • I-80 E Salt Lake City, UT, 84109, USA - Salt Lake County
    can you please sweep the bike lane since there is much broken glass on Wasatch dr both directions. especially north of 4500 (south bound) and at mt Olympus trailhead.
    my bike commute to/from work is from fort union at Wasatch to parley's trailhead. Thanks
  • Pioneer Xing Saratoga Springs, UT, 84045, USA - Saratoga Springs
    Signal time too short
  • Pothole Open
    Salt Lake City UT - Sugar House
    On Foothill Blvd. @ approx. 2000 - 2200 South, heading northbound towards the U of U in the far left inside lane, there is a huge pothole that needs to be fixed asap as it is a safety hazard. Please address and fix. It is near the Chevron gas station.
  • 3800 Redwood Road West Valley City, UT - West Valley City
    Heading Northbound on Redwood Road @ approx. 3800 So. in the center lane, there is a 3 foot sink hole / depression in the roadway. Can UDOT please go and fix the damage with the road?
  • Pothole Open
    11348 S Applegrove Ln South Jordan, UT, 84095, USA - South Jordan
    Growing pothole in the middle of the road just off of the dip on ApplegroAp Ln.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    S Wasatch Blvd Salt Lake City, UT, 84121, USA - Cottonwood Heights
    there is a pretty large pothole (estimate 5" at the widest, but more than 24" long) the southern-most left turn lane, merging southbound onto Wasatch Blvd. it's in the intersection, but does not impede N-S bound Wasatch traffic.
  • Animal Carcass Acknowledged
    Interstate 15 - American Fork
    There is a dead deer carcass in the inside lane, heading Northbound, between exit 275 and 276.
  • Striping Acknowledged
    84098 Park City, UT, USA - North Snyderville Basin
    Please restripe I80 eastbound between Jeremy Ranch exit and US 40 exit. The lane marks are invisible and we have almost been hit several times. At night, you have to drive with your brights on to see the lanes and stay in them! When will this be done? Thx
  • Pothole Open
    80 W Zane Ave Salt Lake City, UT, 84103, USA - Capitol Hill
  • Pothole Open
    100 S 1400 E Salt Lake City, UT, 84112, USA - East Bench
    100 South from University Street up to the bend in the road at the Kennecott Engineering Building has many large potholes that need serious attention.
  • Pothole Open
    1435 E 100 S Salt Lake City, UT, 84112, USA - East Bench
    The road running up to the University of Utah Hospital (100 S. ) is nothing but potholes, between 1400 E. and 1455 E.
    This road is tearing my car apart and I just spent over $3000 to make it stop rattling, may I request that it be re-paved PLEASE?
  • Midtown Xing Layton, UT, 84041, USA - Layton
    Please fix the traffic light at the intersection of Midtown Crossing and Main Street in Layton, Utah. The arrow to turn left onto main street does not allow enough time, and does not change at all on a frequent basis. Please fix this frustration now, PLEASE!
  • Vegetation Closed
    Sandy UT - Salt Lake County
    Residents are concerned about the vegetation from approximately 3200 west down to Wasatch Blvd. There is scrub oak and other vegetation that may become fire hazards once the weather turns warmer.
  • 84032 Heber City, UT, USA - Wasatch County
  • Signage Acknowledged
    Mountain Vw Herriman, UT, 84096, USA - Riverton
    There is a sign southbound Mountain View that says next signal 13400 S. However, the next signal is 13200 S. (The sign wasn't fixed or removed when the 13200 S. intersection was built.
  • Midtown Xing Layton, UT, 84041, USA - Layton
    At the newly built Midtown Crossing bridge in Layton, Utah, the traffic light is in error or not working correctly. To head South onto main street, or trying to take a left, the light takes way too long to change, IF it changes at all. We have sat through this "Left Turn" arrow several times without getting a GREEN arrow to turn left onto Main Street to head Southward. Friends and neighbors are telling us the same thing. It is frustrating more and more people as time goes by. It would help stress levels to lower if someone would please correct this issue. Also, to give more time on the clock to make this turn, as sometimes only two to maybe three vehicles make it through at a time, even when there is a line of up to 15 to 20 vehicles. Please repair this frustrating, maddening traffic light signal as soon as humanly possible to save further frustrations. We have witnessed many vehicles, including a Sheriff's vehicle cut through the Car Wash next to the Jiffy Lube on Angel St. We must be able to turn left in decent time, and for a longer time allowance. This is truly a most bothersome issue to many, including the Sheriff's Dept.
  • Signage Closed
    W Center St Provo, UT, 84601, USA - Provo
    Sign down (see attached).
  • 3316-3332 W 2100 S West Valley City, UT, 84119, USA - Salt Lake City
    There are multiple potholes on this road in the line of traffic