Rank: Heman Civic Points: 5,620
  • 2-8 5th Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    Bicycle abandoned for a few months with no seat on sign post (on 5th street side of winter and 5th.)
  • 75a Ames Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mit
    This bike lane is frequently blocked by cars which mistakenly park in the bike lane. If plastic post barriers were installed, it would be much harder for cars to park in the bike lane.
  • 170 Gore Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge

    I hope this email reached you well! I wanted to reach out about an issue in the neighborhood that I was hoping you might be able to help with.

    Along Gore Street, near the Simoni Ice Skating Rink, East Cambridge Health Center, and Twin City Plaza parking lot, there are a few entrances into the various parking areas. The entrance adjacent to Lambert St has a light, so cars frequently avoid it, and exit very quickly through the other entrances. I have starred them in the map below:

    It makes being a pedestrian on Gore Street feel unsafe, and I have narrowly avoided cars whizzing by. It's also adjacent to a child care facility and park, so it would be great to help ensure calmer traffic near children. Would it be possible to get crosswalks and stop signs installed at those alternate entrances?

    I very much appreciate your help and would be glad to discuss further if I can be of any help.



    Christopher Cassa
    103 Gore St #2
    Cambridge, MA 02141