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  • Old Guilford Rd Columbia, MD, 21046, USA - Columbia
    The grass/sod next to the new trail that was installed so that bikers/walkers could stay out of the way of vehicles using the new storage facility is dying and getting very weedy. The new sod that they laid next to the new bike/pedestrian path needs attention soonest and regular upkeep
  • Tree Concern Acknowledged
    Early Spring Way columbias, Maryland - Columbia
    I'm concerned that overhanging trees along Volmerhausen are obscuring the pedestrian crosswalk at Early Spring Way, on Volmberhausen, near Polished Stone and Golden Rod. Can we trim nearby sycamores near that crosswalk to make pedestrians more visible??
  • Old Montgomery Road Columbia, MD - Columbia
    hi--on a bike ride yesterday from Elkhorn to Jackson pONd, my children found and removed a Walmart shopping cart from the trailside stream/river near LRBR28/30. On the way back, there was another Walmart shopping cart in the vicinity of LRBR 30 still in the water. We left the first one near a garbage can. Hope you can get these carts off of the path. Someone thinks it's amusing to ditch them there. We also found a good basketball, so...not all was lost!
  • 9660 Corntassel Court columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Leaves piling up along Volmerhausen, from Polished Stone to Dragon Claw. Just following up on a complaint 3 weeks ago...the recent street cleaning was not thorough enough. The sycamores along Volmerhausen, which are County trees, to my knowledge, dump lots of leaves, which pile up along Volmerhausen and prevent proper drainage/water runoff. Can the street cleaners return and do a better job? Also, wondering if some of these trees can be pruned in the fall...branches are getting low, block sunlight and impair drivers' vision at pedestrian crossings, such as the one crossing Volmerhauen at Early Spring Way. Thanks in advance
  • Guilford Road And Gerwig Lane columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    5 streetlights out along Guilford Road, coming from Murray Hill and Gerwig Lane: 2 along Guilford near the entrance to the Pratt RR Bridge, 1 on Gerwig Lane, and 2 more at the intersection of Gerwig Lane and Berger
  • Blue Sea Drive columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    There are at least 3 very slick boardwalks on the trail between the Pratt RR Bridge and Lake Elkhorn. If you ride on these bridges over 3-4 mph, you will fall down. They need to be power washed and re-sealed, so they stay dry and clean and have traction
  • 9660 Corntassel Court columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    At Stevens Forest pool yesterday, I noticed, not for the first time, 3 vehicles parked in the Fire Lane because the lot was full and the drivers didn't want to walk 100 yards from another lot. God forbid, if fire trucks/paramedics do have to get to the pool, that lane is blocked. I suggest the HC Fire Dept work w/ CA to prevent this illegal parking at HC facilities--I've complained about such parking at Supreme Sports as well. I'm sure it happens at many of the parking areas should be enforced/monitored
  • 9660 Corntassel Court Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    The leaf/street cleaner came down Volmerhausen yesterday ( i passed him as he went towards Murray Hill, at the bottom of Volmerhausen), but he didn't get our side of Volmerhausen, apparently. I clean leaves/debris periodically to use as compost and prevent storm drainage blocks, but we need you all to sweep this side of Volmerhausen periodically, especially as Fall arrives. Please return soonest as some storm drains are close to being blocked. Thank you