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  • 295 Beach Street West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven

    I believe someone new purchased this property last fall but it is in the worst shape yet. Every window is boarded up, also parts of the roof are falling off and hanging down. This property is right in front of the beach, its a huge eye sore and every time you think West Haven is cleaning up little by little, I drive by this site and forget all of that.

    West haven has published blight codes now, this must be in violation of a number of them. They should have this cleaned up before the summer/beach season.

    Actual homeowners need to keep their properties in good condition, this property should need to be cleaned up too.

  • 124 Thomas Street West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    Broken fence at the corner of Thomas St & Washington Ave. The fence fell apart mid winter and has been on the ground since. Now that snow has melted there are broken fence pieces on the sidewalk and grass that borders the street. Fence has exposed nails and is only 1 block from a school
  • 100 Thomas Street West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven

    Large vans, trucks, and other cars park on both sides of the street on this one way street, which is often used by the school buses of the Savin Rock school right around the corner. There has been 2 instances that I've actually observed so far this year where these large vans/trucks/ SUVs actually make the street so narrow city buses and school buses can't pass through. This results in them just honking on the horn for 10-20 minutes straight until the parties eventually realize they need to move their car (typically early am...)

    There are several houses on this street that rent out to 2-3 families each (separate issue) which causes the street to be littered with cars. The town needs to do something - ban parking on one side of the street? start permit parking on the streets? Keeping the parking ban up while there is still snow on the streets?

  • 121 Thomas Street West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven

    Big green couch abandoned in front of bus stop at corner of street... walk down one block to the corner of california st and washington ave and you have another nice couch.

    I don't know how to enforce these dumping rules but its a clear eye sore now and the town should come clean up or investigate to look into who has been dumping the items.