Covington, WA Neighbor

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  • 27100 164th Ave Se Covington, Washington - Covington
    Allowing parking on the east side of 164th Ave SE between Kent-Kangley and the library driveway causes an unsafe condition at several times of day.
  • 19906 Southeast 260th Court Covington, Washington - Covington
    The fence along the retention pond is broken and bent down. It doesn't look like a vehicle hit it, more likely vandals.
  • 26104 176th Avenue Southeast Covington, Washington - Covington
    Metro Transit buses traveling westbound on SE 261 St cannot see the street sign for their left turn onto 176 Av SE because it is set back and blocked by fir tree branches, resulting in panic stops to make the turn. Please consider relocating the street sign closer to the corner for increased visibility.
  • 25050 164th Avenue Southeast Covington, Washington - Covington
    Suzuki GS750 with license plate removed and gas cap lock removed, is abandoned on the vacant lot at the corner of 164th and 250th Street. The motorcycle is visible from the street on the north east corner of the lot. The bike is located on the west side of the tall evergreen close to the center of the lot. I have been aware of the bikes presence for a couple weeks now. I do not know how long it has actually been there.
  • Other Archived
    26506 168th Pl Se Covington, Washington - Covington
    I backed into the mailbox next to the driveway. One of the boxes is dented up and won’t close correctly.
  • Illegal Signs Archived
    27005 164th Avenue Southeast Covington, Washington - Covington
    Christmas tree lot across from Duffy's. Air blower sign.
  • 26219 164th Pl Se Covington, Washington - Covington
    Lexus RX300 license plate AJJ6536
    Color gray or silver parked in front of my home two months and has not moved
  • Graffiti Acknowledged
    18507 Southeast 267th Street Covington, Washington - Covington
    On the trail that leads from 186th Ave SE to Jenkins Creek Park, someone has tagged "@#$% the police" on what I believe is a private fence that faces the Jenkins Creek Elementary playground. This is visible to the students on the playground. I'm not sure if this is something the city can address.
  • 164th Ave Se Covington, WA 98042, Covington, WA - Covington
    The sidewalk on 164th in front of the Covington Library has a lift that is very dangerous for pedestrian traffic. Last night, walking my dog I tripped on the lift and smashed up my cheek, knees and left hand. I'd like to make the city aware to prevent future accidents.
  • 25522 150th Place Southeast Covington, Washington - Covington
    The street sweeper was in our neighborhood today. He left a lot of debris in the street. Maybe his container was full.
  • 19466 Southeast 266th Street Covington, Washington - Covington
    Abandoned here since 11/15/18 missing right front wheel
  • Other Archived
    27431 172nd Ave Se Covington, Washington - Covington
    11/14/2018 at 4:00 am the landscaping company that was servicing the LA Fitness at 27245 172nd Ave SE was running their leaf blower for over a half hour. 4:00 am is not an acceptable hour to be operating such machinery. I called and asked to speak to a manager 2 times and was told both times that both the operational manager and the general manager were not available. I would appreciate them respecting the 10:00 pm - 8:00 am quiet time period. My understanding is that 10:00 pm - 8:00 am is pretty standard but even if that is not 100% accurate, 4:00 am is too early for such a nuisance. Can someone please give them a warning on this matter?
  • 14846 Southeast 256th Street Covington, WA - Covington
    Dead deer on the side of the road by Soos Creek Trail on 256th and by the 148th turn.
  • 27821 183rd Place Southeast Kent, WA - Covington
    Concern at lower Winterwood neighborhood about a dead possum. It’s located at 27821 183rd Place SE on the right side of the driveway there in the storm drain ditch.
  • 17110 Se 276th St Covington, Washington - Covington
    I live at Polaris Apartments and almost every night semi trucks come in my neighborhood at all times of the night/ early morning and when they realize it's a dead end they have a hard time getting out. It is very loud and disturbs my sleep. I'm assuming the semi trucks are trying to get to the stores and don't realize there's not a way in that way anymore. Perhaps there could be a "no outlet" sign or some sort of sign for big trucks to know it's a neighborhood. I've filed this complaint about a year ago but nothing happened with it. Thanks.
  • Pothole Archived
    18230 Se 240th St Covington, Washington - King County
    It is the size of a smart car. It is in the parking lot of the Covington Aquatic Center. You have to drive through it to get into the parking lot.
  • 25707 179th Pl Se Covington, Washington - Covington
  • Timberlane Drive Southeast Covington, WA - Covington
    An abandoned white Oldsmobile Alero, license plate #BFB3458, with flat tires has been there for about a month and is blocking the way for the garbage trucks to have access to pick up.
  • Wax Road covington , Washington - King County
    speed limit sign down
  • 25810 186th Pl Se Covington, Washington - Covington
    People have been dumping furniture in the blackberries at the end of our street. We have been clearing it ourselves but would like the city to help. Also can we get a no dumping sign?