Covington, WA Neighbor

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  • 25917 A96th Ave Se Covington, Washington - Covington
    There are bushes outside the fence along the curb that prevent parking on that side -- the legal side -- of the street. Multiple cars could legally park along the curb but for those paint scratching bushes and they are exacerbating an already frustrating parking situation for the neighbors,
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     16636 Se 268th St                       Covington, Washington - Covington
    This residence continually violates the fireworks oridinance. Early this morning (1AM) they were lighting off very loud fireworks. We need this to stop. I want to know what will be done about it, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.
  • 16535 Se 260th St Covington, Washington - Covington
    Parked in firelane that leads to our house. It belongs to my ex-son-in-law that has abandoned it as it does not run.
  • 195th Place Southeast Covington, Washington - Covington
    People like to park there cars at the end of the road here in front of the boulders and i cant even back the truck out of the driveway. Been going on for over a month
  • Pothole Archived
    25135 167th Avenue Southeast Covington, WA - Covington
    Pothole in cul de sac on turn around lane on public road.
  • Southeast 256th Street Covington, WA - Covington
    Trees are growing out so we cant see traffic on 256th to make left turn from 170th. branches need to be trimmed please.
  • 27623 Covington Way Southeast Covington WA - Covington
    He owns the NAPA Auto Parts Development on the westside of Covington Way near 168th Place SE. He reports that thier is illegally dumping on their property. Has has informed me that they have brought in about 40 feet of fill, without regards to what is in the fill, and how it is compacted. He says he will see about 40 full trucks enter a day, and nothing leaves the site except for dirt coming off the wheels on Covington Way. He is concerned that the City will be liable. He concerned about the future condition of the property when it is sold, and whether the property will be viable for development if what is in the fill is not known. He also is concerned that fill under the BPA power lines will not be tracked, quantified, or even owned by future development.
  • Covington Way Covington, Washington - Covington
    I have notice parking of semi trucks on this road. any where from 1 to 3 They are unmarked. I am concerned by what is in the trucks (what they are hauling). Also not sure why they are allowed to park on the side of the road