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  • 16652 Se 260th St Covington, Washington - Covington
    Fire lane/no parking sign is now in the yard. Looks like a car hit it and instead of putting it back up the homeowner took it down. Needs to be put back up in the yard. Thanks
  • 25604 209th Loop Se Covington, Washington - King County
    Requesting an additional street sign on current post at the intersection of 208 Ave SE and SE 258 St showing an arrow to 209 Loop SE.
  • 27222 Covington Way Southeast Covington, WA - Covington
    Anonymous caller reported a bunch of large, 2-inch rocks in roadway on Covington Way just as you exit the Marshall's shopping area, from the crest of the overpass all the way down to 272nd.
  • Wax And Covington Way Covington, Washington - Covington
    The Green light for the west bound signal at the intersection of Wax And Covington Way is burnt out. Red and yellow still work.
  • Se 251st St @ 164th Ave Se Covington, Washington - Covington
    the GREEN LIGHT is OUT for Northbound 164th Ave SE @ the intersection of SE 251st St - the corner near Mattson JHS. There are 2 northbound lights, it is the LEFT GREEN LIGHT that is out.
  • 17139 Southeast 248th Place Covington, Washington - Covington
    There are several trees in our greenbelt area that have branches growing over our house and other trees that appear to be in dangerous condition- risk of falling. We need the trees trimmed and/or removed. We need to know who is responsible for maintaining these trees. Please respond ASAP.
  • 165th Place Se Covington, Washington - Covington
  • 26000 208th Avenue Southeast Covington, Washington - Covington
    SE 260th St and 208th Ave SE are private roads. There is a gate at the intersection of those roads that is for EMERGENCY VEHICLES ONLY and signs are posted along SE 260th St stating no parking and emergency vehicles only. Vehicles are constantly showing up at the gate expecting it will open automatically. Many times the vehicle occupants will park the vehicle at the gate and walk around to get to homes in the Maple Hills area. Late in the evenings and especially on weekends, I will find a vehicle standing at the gate with lights out. The next day I find trash at the intersection and on my property. I have been told that this area has been used by drug dealers in the past. I want a sign similar to the others along SE 260th St placed at the gate. Additionally, a no standing sign should be placed at the gate stating punishable by law. I should not have to be policing that area. Please have signs put up immediately to stop all the unnecessary traffic that is travelling through the private roads and parking at the corner of my property. I have attached a picture from one of my surveillance cameras showing the intersection and gate where the signs need to be placed.
  • 25119 170th Pl. Se. Covington, Washington - Covington
    Concerned about the cottonwood trees branches in the greenbelt, hanging over yard close to house.
  • 17116 Southeast 267th Street Covington, Washington - Covington
    A half pickup with tow hitch and camper top has been abandoned beneat the power lines on the north side of 267th in Suncrest. No license plate on back plate holder.
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    26420 180th Avenue Southeast Covington, Washington - Covington
    As you drive north on Wax Road past the round about, the speed limit sign is not easily visible. It is being block by the surround tree.
  • 26130 192nd Pl Se Covington, Washington - Covington
    There is a median in front of where we live that has dead trees in it. Several large branches have already fallen down. Kids play out there in the turn about and in the median and we are afraid someone is going to be injured by the dead trees/branches. Also there are bushes that are growing out onto the road, Will someone please come and take care of the trees and bushes before someone is injured.
  • 17135 Se 261st St Covington, Washington - Covington
    the trees in front of our house are over grown, walkers on the sidewalk have to duck under the trees, the trees have sap and they drop something on the sidewalk that smushes under your shoes and tracks - almost like a plum type substance. We'd like them cut down or at least trimmed. Thank you
  • 18221 Se 244th Pl Covington, Washington - Covington
    We have a no parking sign that has been removed from the light pole in our culd-a-sac and another no parking sign that has been painted over also in our culd - a sac. This has caused residents to start parking on the street and makes it difficult to get around them when pulling in and out of our driveways. Attached is an old picture I had of the light pole the original sign was on and is now removed from. It shows cars parked there since there is no sign.
  • 25918 160th Ave Se Covington, Washington - Covington
    My home sits next to a greenbelt with a very old sign to contact to king county. The phone number no longer in service. Our neighborhood was built in 1994 and there is a tree in this area that is dying and parts of it have fallen into our front yard and crushed the fence. We have children and pets and would like to get this tree taken care of as soon as poccible. The question is who is responsible? My HOA....Channing Park in Fairfield?? Or the city of Covington or King County?
  • Pothole Archived
    26232 173rd Ave Se Covington, Washington - Covington
    Street pot holes are getting a bit out of control.
  • 26031 162nd Avenue Southeast Covington, Washington - Covington
    storm water retention pond # D 92248 is overgrown with grass , brush and weeds. This pond needs to be cleaned up.
  • 16803 Southeast 254th Place Covington, WA - Covington
    The street sign at 16803 SE 254th Place was hit by a U-Haul and is lying in the grass. Please replace when possible.
  • 18514 Se 240th Pl Covington, Washington - Covington
    Seterus is the mortgage servicer for the property. Based on our most recent property inspection we have identified the property as vacant/abandoned or a nuisance and request that a county, city or town official visit the property and make a determination as to whether the residential real property is abandoned and a nuisance. New Ordinance HB 2057. JEFF.OLESON@SETERUS.COM; PRESERVATION@SETERUS.COM
  • Pothole Archived
    18402 184th Pl Se Covington, Washington - Covington