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    166 Warwick Ave Staten island , New York - Richmondtown
    Wire down on sidewalk in front of house. Could be a dangerous situation
  • Staten Island Ferry 1 Richmond Ter, Staten Island, NY, 10301, USA - New Brighton
    What is going on at the Staten Island Ferry? There are drugged out people passed out in the middle of the floor and sprawled on the steps of the main entrance on a regular basis. In addition, there are aggressive men hanging out in the vestibule, drunk and whatever else, harassing women. Today there were no less than TWELVE men waiting for me as I exited the ferry. They are there every night, and in the morning, too. They are aggressive, catcall and follow people. In addition, there are people urinating, excrementing and puking by the bus lanes. Tonight on the way home a man exposed himself to several women on the boat. I am a lifelong Staten Islander, and throughout the years the ferry has always been a nice respite. I have never felt unsafe in the terminals or on the boats, and now I do. Our new terminal is disgusting, unsafe, and an embarrassment. Do we really expect the tourists to step over the unconscious bodies and barge through the drunks blocking the front door to our island to go to the H&M? Would you please tell your constituents how you plan to take control of this situation? Thank you.
  • 474 Forest Ave Staten Island , New York - New Brighton
    Iron tree surround was struck by a truck and dislodged. Now sticking up and a danger to pedestrians.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    500-508 Victory Blvd Staten Island, NY, 10301, USA - Clifton
    DEEP POTHOLE that felt like my whole tire broke @ corner of Forest Ave and Victory Blvd, on Silver Lake side. Can't really see it until you hit it, this is 3rd time I did , driving my daughter to & from school.
  • Graffiti Archived
    139 New Dorp Plz N Staten Island, NY, 10306, USA - Oakwood
    Graffiti is on the wall of the railroad opposite 139 New Dorp Plaza north between beach and ross
  • Litter Archived
    Veterans Road West Staten Island , New York - Charlestown-Richmond Valley
    Roads behind Home Depot and Home Goods - filthy mess - trash - wagons and people living in the woods
  • Tree Pruning Archived
    25 High St Staten Island, NY - City Council District 50
    Concerning New BP Assists System # 4968392, which was reported closed last night: The pole in question is across the street from my house, and I just checked it. While the leaves are now gone from the vines because of the change of seasons, there is no evidence that anyone did any work at all on this matter. The stems of the vine are still on the guy wires, up the poles, and into the communications and low voltage spaces (Verizon and Con Ed, respectively) on this pole. The vines are coming from the White Playground and need to be cleaned out at the base of the pole and the guy wire foundation on the park property, as well as removed from the pole itself.
  • Sewer Backup Acknowledged
    15 Steuben Street STATEN ISLAND, NY 10304, NY - South Beach
    whenever it rains the street becomes a river
  • Eltingville Blvd - Eltingville Sirr Train Entrance/Exit Staten Island, New York - Ettingville
    Broken sidewalk - holes in concrete - Terrible conditions leaving the train on the Eltingville Blvd side - pickup area. I have tripped and fallen over holes a few times. This has been all broken with holes for years now. Please get someone to fix it.
  • Street Light Archived
    187 Rensselaer Avenue NY - Ardon Heights
    light has been out for some time out
  • Tree Pruning Archived
    John St And Eaton Place Staten Island, New York - City Council District 51
    the tree in question is off the entrance of a pedestrian over pass, called the John St Overpass, the tree is located on the right side when you enter within the space off of the corner John St and Eaton Pl. The tree is very sickly and is in need of coming down in the next storm. It has faint red paint dot on it, however, this tree was never removed.
  • Other Acknowledged
    38 Innis St Staten Island, New York - City Council District 51
    In front of 38 Innis St there a fire/police call box that was run over and knocked down on to the sidewalk. This is a hazardous condition with exposed wiring that can cause an electrocution.
  • Weeds Acknowledged
    John Street And Innis Street Staten Island, New York - Port Richmond
    The area with over grown Weeds is located on John St and Eaton Pl. It is a fenced off area owned by the NYC Sanitation. The sidewalk is no longer available for public use. The weeds inside are so high that people are throwing garbage inside it. The result is rats and other vermin breading in this location.
  • 116 Sweet Brook Road STATEN ISLAND, New York - Ettingville
    While I know there werenheavy rains last night, there was plenty of warning. Why doesn't the MTA make alternate plans to provide service. I was at the bus stop for 25 minutes. Two Not In Service buses passed . Two SIM10 buses came in a row. Most people traveling from the South shore do not work any further than downtown Manhattan. They are now jamming three different routes (x1, x3 and x4) onto the SIM1. If I have to leave earlier to walk further and wait longer (to and from work), but maybe spend less time on the bus, the net gain to me is zero. This new system is inconvenient, and will only get worse when winter comes and sidewalks are unshoveled and icy. I am over 60 years old and have more years to work. This system which you take responsibility for, is not better than what we had.
  • 116 Sweet Brook Road STATEN ISLAND, New York - Ettingville
    I arrived at the Rector Street stop at 5:32 pm. Three SIM1 buses came filled to capacity and left the stop with passengers standing. While the time spent on an overcrowded bus may be less, standing on the bus stop for half an hour and then having a longer walk home equals no time saved. At $13 a day to commute, I expect convenience. The new system is a failure. You should join the commuters one day. This is no picnic. And with winter coming, walking longer through unshoveled sidewalks will make this unbearable.
  • 34 Madigan Place Staten Island, New York - Todt Hill
    The last three Fridays, has either been not picked up or garbage pails are not emptied completely. This is an ongoing problem for our Friday pickups.
    They have missed pickups at least 6 other days this year. I have complained to the Sanitation Commissioner with NO response. I would like your assistance in this matter. Thank you John McDowell phone 718-727-9831.
  • 197 Stanley Ave Richmond , New York - New Brighton

    This bus is always late never fails all other buss come and go and we stand here like fools


  • 197 Stanley Ave Staten Island , New York - New Brighton
    11 mins late
  • Tree Pruning Acknowledged
    Tree was marked for removal months ago and still has not been removed.
  • Weeds Archived
    51 Peru Street Staten island, New York - Todt Hill
    Peru Street faces the Greenbelt and that property is entirely overgrown. The weeds are 6 to 8 feet into the street in some places and are above the street signs as well. We have contacted virtually everyone about this issue and nothing has happened. The combination of deer and the tics they bring are just making it worse.
    We could use a speed bump too on this block to slow people from going 50mph down an isolated street while you’re at it.
    How about it for an old Hockey Dude fan?