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  • High St & Summer St Westwood, MA, 02090, USA - Westwood
    Coming from Summer and turning onto High Street... The right turn arrow is out; has been out for a few days now...
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    660 High Street Westwood, Massachusetts - Westwood
    The pedestrian cross lights at the Westwood Library/Windsor Road intersection are no longer chirping/audible. We originally requested the chirps at the main intersections (e.g., Town Hall, Library, Gay Street, Hartford) because our son is visually impaired. He still needs them and it helps other kids and others (like me!). Today, because of the sunlight glare, I never saw the "walk" sign light up and there were no chirps -- on my walks down and back. Please get the chirps back!
  • Summer And High Westwood, Massachusetts - Westwood
    Going left from High Street onto Summer Street, the left-hand turn arrow is entirely out... Realized yesterday (11/11) when we could have gone left but no arrow to indicate this.
  • Comella'S High Street, Westwood, Massachusetts - Westwood

    This is the answer I received from See-Click Fix for this issue:
    Thank you for reporting this Street Light outage to the Town of Westwood via Commonwealth Connect. We have transmitted the information you provided our staff to Siemens Industry Inc. who is contracted with the Town to maintain street lights. If you have any further questions you may contact Siemens @ 1-800-LIGHTS-ON (800-544-4876). Thank you again for helping us improve our community!
    Westwood Commonwealth Admin

    In fact, Siemens is NOT responsible for these lights -- as I called them and they said they are not Westwood's contractor.! I then talked to the DPW and they are on the case, but say it's a problem with rotted junction boxes... and they don't know when they will be fixed.

    I know the Town is working on this, but want everyone else to know the status: NOT Siemens, and not closed! And, it's been almost a month since I first noticed/reported... So keep it open and let us know when fixed.

  • High Street; Arch/Comella'S Parking Lot Westwood, Massachusetts - Westwood
    5 of the street lamps in front of the Comella's plaza are out -- as are 2 on Hartford (at that same intersection)… is there a reason? very dark for walking down/back at night
  • High And Gay Street Intersection Westwood, Massachusetts - Westwood
    Please change the pedestrian walk signal timing. If it is pressed while High Street traffic is going, the signal does not change for 3 cycles (the end of the High Street traffic, then Gay Street/P.O. traffic and then a whole second round of High Street traffic. This is way too long for anyone to wait -- and encourages crossing without the light.