Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 910
  • 6951 Skyhawk Dr Fayetteville, NC 28314, USA - Fayetteville
    Dwellings Min Standards Violations. Multiple issues. Walls, exterior.
    1. Exterior walls are not weather-tight, have excessive holes, cracks and rotted boards which permit air or water to penetrate several interior areas of the home.
    2. Sheathing is rotted and loose throughout the exterior of the property.
    Walls, interior.
    3. Interior finish shows excessive cracks on window sills and near sliding doors, which permit air, humidity and pests to penetrate interior of the home.
    4. Excessive dry rot and other loose wall materials.
    5. Bathroom wall had decayed and roach infested wallpaper with early signs of mildew, which was removed and repaired at my personal expense, along with a roach infested and rotted bathroom sink cabinet. Despite repairs, signs of high humidity still persist.
    6. Eaves, soffits, fascia boards are rotted, broken and or sagging excessively with improperly supported drip ends.
    7. Roof shingles are loose.
    8. Chimney leaks when raining, possible damaged flashing.
    9. Railings showing signs of rot and rust.
    10. Storm door in disrepair, exterior door frame shows signs of wood rot, as well as the front door.
    11. Master bedroom ceiling fan, garage, porch and external light fixtures continue to blow out light bulbs.
    12. Garage door opener has been repaired yet continues to function improperly.
    Open areas.
    13. Privacy fence has significant rot and structural damage posing a hazard and rendering the patio useless.
    14. Patio and peripheral areas of the house are impossible to keep clean due to continued debris and organic material shedding from external walls and roofline.
    15. Despite multiple accepted methods of extermination, ongoing pest infestation still persists in both the exterior and interior of the property.
    16. Kitchen has remained useless for over a 6-month period due to repeated pest infestation.