Rank: Street Smart Civic Points: 95
  • Seawell School Road At Homestead Road Chapel Hill, North Carolina - Chapel Hill
    The turn signal at Seawell School Road to turn left onto Homestead Road too long. Cars sit waiting while no traffic passes on Homestead. Or often the cars waiting to turn left onto Homestead must sit through 2 rounds of signals that allow Homestead traffic to turn left onto Seawell. Or worse, when school traffic is factored in, cars waiting to turn left onto Homestead can back up as many as 10+. Then when the light finally changes, it is green for such a short time that only 4 cars can make it through, with the 4th car having to go as the light is turning red, forcing the remaining cars to wait even longer. It is also a problem at night. In fact, I have seen cars wait so long to turn at night that when no other traffic is passing that the driver turns left on red. Please make the light trip when a car is waiting. There is no reason to have it timed as it is now. It may even cause cars to re-route down high school road to avoid the long wait thus making more traffic in a school zone. Thank you.