Jose Lopez Jr.

Rank: Civic Crusader Civic Points: 445
  • 87 Bright Street New Haven, CT - Chatham Square

    Drive down any street around Union Cemetery in the Fair Haven section of New Haven and you will notice all the trash that lines fence area and the street. The trash makes our community look like a dump and invokes others to think it is okay to litter.

    I do not know who owns the Cemetery or if the city runs it, however something needs to be done about this. It is way out of hand.

  • 87 Bright Street New Haven, ct - Chatham Square

    Cars continually come at all hours of the day and night honking their horns. They are using their horns as door bells to get the friends and family to come out to their car. Even either picking up people or calling them over to their car with their horn to chat with them.

    Officer C. Colon of the New Haven police department feels that this is just “ordinary city life” and “(we) Just need to live with it.”. Some people in the community believe that it is okay to honk as much as wanted and does not understand how it can bother anyone.

    Well I happen to sleep at different times and these horns being used as door bells wake me up. It is no one’s right to tell me when I should be sleeping or awake, nor is it anyone’s right to make excessive noise and to breech my peaceful environment.

    I am asking that the New Haven Police department acknowledge this as an issue. I understand that CT does not have any ordnances on horn honking, but there is a “Breach Of Peace” law and I believe the police should utilize this law to enforce unnecessary honking in New Haven.

    Additionally our state legislators should create a law to protect citizens against unnecessary honking and to provide an infraction for unnecessary honking, enforceable by police.