CT Livable Streets Campaign

  • 215 Church Street New Haven, CT - Town_Green
    I believe that the directors of this bank should show more concern for pedestrians, particularly elderly and children, who use our Downtown.
  • 781-791 Whalley Ave New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    Pressed crosswalk button and waited through several cycles with no pedestrian signal. There may be two buttons at this location, one along Fitch near the corner with Whalley, and one at the crosswalk across Whalley near the NW corner of Whalley and Fitch. The latter is the one that did not seem to be working. The buttons on the south side of Whalley Avenue work fine.
  • 345-397 College St New Haven, CT - Downtown

    Reported to City on 10/5/12. Please post if you have more information.

    Traffic & Parking apparently has a very aggressive driver who is violating the law. At 9:03AM this morning, a large white van marked with the City of New Haven Traffic & Parking logo was approaching a red light on College Street, northbound, at the corner of Elm. It pulled through the light very quickly and stopped in the middle of the crosswalk, well ahead of the stop line. When the pedestrian signal activated a few seconds later, the vehicle gunned the engine, ran the red light and made a right turn onto Elm Street. There were many pedestrians and cyclists in the vicinity. The driver appears to be a middle-aged male. I believe the van had the number "754" on it.

    While City drivers routinely violate many of our traffic laws, I have rarely seen one who was driving in such a dangerous manner.

  • 249 Humphrey St New Haven, CT - Bishop-Hine

    I ride this route often and feel that a bike route from Clinton Avenue, across Lombard and Humphrey to Orange, continues to be sorely needed.

    I feel that this issue should remain open until a route that all persons -- age 8 to 80 -- feel comfortable riding their bikes on. Although sharrows are a minor improvement over nothing, adding sharrows to the road simply does not do that.

    65 people previously voted on this issue: "Bike lane needed from Clinton Avenue to Orange Street," but that issue is being closed because sharrows have been installed. http://www.seeclickfix.com/issues/8658-bike-lane-needed-from-clinton-avenue-to-orange-street

    Sharrows are ineffective at increasing cycling rates unless speeds are reduced to 20MPH.

    Portland, OR, and New York City, NY, are currently doing this along hundreds of miles of their residential streets.

    Studies show that very few people will feel comfortable bicycling on roads unless speeds are strictly capped at 20MPH -- no matter what kind of paint you have on the road.

    Achieving these average speeds along bike routes can be done through various traffic calming and traffic engineering methods. Berkeley has pioneered this decades ago this with its "bicycle boulevards," and many cities have since followed.
    It is best to call them "slow streets", since they have a tremendous benefit for pedestrians and property owners as well.

    The sharrows here should be replaced with street engineering that meets the standards of the NACTO -- whether bike lanes, buffered bike lanes, traffic calmed boulevards, or some other feature: http://nacto.org/cities-for-cycling/design-guide/ .

  • 2-96 Goffe St New Haven, CT - Dixwell

    Please address this. It's been in poor condition for a while now.

    BTW, who really owns this building? Is it being "land banked" for an expansion by Yale or Winstanley?

  • 153-193 Fitch St New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills

    Litter, broken glass, and trash cover the lawns of many properties on this block making it very unpleasant to walk or wait for the bus here.

    Shouldn't SCSU be interested in the perception of the main gateway to their campus?

  • 1800-1846 Chapel St New Haven, CT - Westville
    The main benefit of the bike lanes here would be to reduce vehicle speeding. It would also make cycling between Downtown New Haven and Westville more comfortable - many residents currently report feeling too unsafe to ride next to the traffic here, which frequently exceeds speeds of 45 miles per hour. There are currently sharrows, which while they serve a very valuable purpose for wayfinding and to make road users more aware of cyclists, are not an acceptable long-term solution for a street of this type. The goal needs to be a street that is comfortable for everyone to ride on, whether they are 8 years old or 80 years old. See description of proposed improvement at http://nacto.org/cities-for-cycling/design-guide/bike-lanes/buffered-bike-lanes/.
  • 608-720 Edgewood Ave New Haven, CT - Westville
    The main benefit of the bike lanes here would be to reduce vehicle speeding. It would also make cycling between Westville and Downtown New Haven more comfortable - many residents currently report feeling too unsafe to ride next to the traffic here, which frequently exceeds speeds of 45 miles per hour. See description at http://nacto.org/cities-for-cycling/design-guide/bike-lanes/buffered-bike-lanes/.
  • 100-174 Union Ave New Haven, CT - Hill

    In summer 2012, the Amtrak 2040 New York City to Boston high speed rail plan was revised to include a connection to Providence R.I..

    However, the route still bypasses Stamford, Bridgeport, and New Haven in favor of a route through Danbury.

    For the latest reports, please see

    Amtrak's high speed rail system from New York City to Boston should not bypass Connecticut's most economically vibrant cities. Additionally, adding a high speed route through Upstate New York and Danbury, instead of through an area that already has a large amount of existing urban infrastructure, would create more development pressure in environmentally sensitive areas.

    We should be focusing our nation's infrastructure investments into our most sustainable, economically competitive urban centers, not into "green fields."

    By point of comparison, the planned high speed rail route from Washington DC to NYC passes through the urban centers of Baltimore, Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Newark -- not through rural and semi-rural areas.

  • Springside Ave New Haven, CT - West Rock
    On Springside/Wintergreen near Common Ground HS. Wires are about to come down.
  • 400 468 Central Ave New Haven, CT - Westville

    The street is currently being rebuilt between West Elm and Chapel.

    This is an opportunity to get the street right, i.e., bring it into compliance with the city's Complete Streets Policy. As evidenced on numerous SeeClickFix tickets, the street is currently a liability to the neighborhood, rather than an asset. See examples at
    http://www.seeclickfix.com/issues/1274-speeding-and-running-stop-sign (16 votes to fix)
    http://www.seeclickfix.com/issues/67319-dangerous-intersection-crazy-crashes (25 votes to fix)

    Instead of having to tear up Central Avenue again in a few years, why can't the city build it correctly the first time around?

    As Chris Heitmann has explained elsewhere, examples would include: Not striping the double yellow (which makes the street feel like a highway), installing bumpouts, painting chicanes (which alternates the parking), lowering the posted speeds, etc.

    Repaving it exactly the way it was before is the definition of insanity. The same problems will keep coming up again and again.

    There are neighbors willing to organize and approve a Complete Streets compliant design. Let's do it.

  • 118 146 Church St New Haven, CT - Town_Green
    Extremely loud. Please remove these from the streets.
  • 100 150 Whalley Ave New Haven, CT - Dixwell
    Bike rack at Stop and Shop is almost completely unusable. It is not a standard rack. As a result cyclists are forced to shop elsewhere, or to lock up to things like railings and shopping carts to keep their bikes safe.
  • 435 E Main St Ansonia, CT - Ansonia
    in downtown Ansonia, near the Post Office etc.
  • Sidewalks Archived
    2 Church St S New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Yale University Campus
    Broken glass at Yale nursing school
  • 1-199 Daggett St New Haven, CT 06519, USA - New Haven - Ward 03
    Please vote on a citywide petition to restore all library hours that were cut on February 28th, including those at the branch libraries such as Wilson in the Hill. For details and to vote, please visit this link:
  • 186 Grand Ave New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Chatham Square
    Fair Haven Library is now closed more often than open. Please vote to have the library hours reinstated by visiting this link: http://www.seeclickfix.com/issues/86406
  • 2-66 Harrison St New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville
    Please see http://www.seeclickfix.com/issues/86403and vote for library hours to be IMMEDIATELY reinstated!
  • 121 Elm St New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Town_Green

    Recent layoffs have meant that as of February 28, 2011, the total number of hours that the New Haven main library branch opens have been reduced from 185 hours per month to 148. The branches have taken the brunt of the reductions, with monthly hours reduced from 136 to 96 including elimination of Saturday hours.


    The closing of the libraries is a crucial issue of public space and civic vitality in New Haven. Libraries should be active community hubs where neighbors can meet and cement relationships, not abandoned buildings.

    Public Libraries are educational agencies that provide materials and services to all members in the community from preschoolers to seniors. The library is accessible to students for study and research when public schools are not open. The library provides the only computer access some public school students have to complete their homework assignments.

    Public Libraries help build a strong economy. Our unemployment rate has been at least 12%, and likely to be above 50% among youth in some city neighborhoods. Many employers have transitioned to online employment applications. Public Libraries provide the only access some people have to computer technology and job searches.

    Please "vote" here if you believe that the City of New Haven should immediately restore all of the eliminated library hours, either through re-hiring of laid off employees or through other measures.

    Information, updates and additional ways to advocate for this issue will be posted here and you will receive them if you request to be notified of updates.

    (I have posted this at the request of an elderly New Haven resident who no longer has access to the internet, due to closing of library hours on Saturday in her neighborhood)

  • 92 138 Elm St New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Downtown
    Can the city contact Comcast and ask them to ensure their drivers follow the laws?