Steve Riegler

  • 601-615 Plainview Rd Bethpage, NY, 11714, USA - Bethpage
    Several shallow pot holes around the bend bridging Plainview Road with Broadway in Bethpage.
  • Pot Holes Archived
    32 Myron Rd Plainview, NY, 11803, USA - Plainview
    Several small potholes on Myron Road from Plainview Road up through Felice.
  • pot holes Archived
    4 Felice Ln Plainview, NY, 11803, USA - Plainview
    Pot holes in street in front of 4 Felice
  • Pot Hole Archived
    10 Myron Rd Plainview, NY, 11803, USA - Plainview
    Pot hole at the south east side of Myron Road at the intersection with Felice.
  • Pot Hole Archived
    67 Powell Avenue Bethpage, New York - Bethpage
    Pot Hole on Powell Ave near 135 Southbound Exit. Also, many potholes on the North bound entrance ramp to 135 off Powell/Plainview Rd.
  • Myron & Briarwood Plainview, New York - Plainview
    Pot Hole on Myron Road, close to Briarwood. Another Pot Hole at the NE corner of Myron and Plainview Road
  • 778-800 Plainview Road Bethpage, New York - Plainview
    The intersection of Haypath and Plainview Road is a major safety hazard with craters and potholes throughout. The patch work done over the years has resulted in uneven surfaces throughout and is a dangerous roadway for those cars driving through the intersection.
  • Pot Holes Archived
    27-29 Myron Road Plainview, New York - Plainview
    Large pot hole at intersection of Edison and Myron. Smaller pot hole about 1 house in on Myron off of Plainview Road.
  • Pot Holes Archived
    26 Myron Road Plainview, New York - Plainview
    There are 2 pot holes in the street in front of this address. Please repair. There is also a small pot hole, bound to get bigger, at the south side of Myron at the cross street of Felice,
  • Litter Open
    Plainview Road PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK - Plainview
    There is an incredible amount of litter along Plainview Road, going south, beginning at the intersection of Myron Road, across from Borella Park as well as across from Charles Campagne School. Would greatly appreciate a clean-up crew be sent. Thank you.