Holley Place Concerned Resident

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  • 501 Riverside Ave Torrington, Connecticut - Torrington
    I was out walking with kids and dog to the sledding and had to cross over to the over side because that sidewalk is still covered with snow. It's definitely been more than 24 hours.
  • Holley Place Torrington, Connecticut - Torrington
    As I was driving down Holley Place this afternoon. you can clearly see that people had either shoveled or used snow blowers to put snow back in the road.
  • Holley Place Torrington, Connecticut - Torrington

    So the Torrington ordnance that says you have 12 hrs from the end of the storm to clear your sidewalks. It's now Saturday and there are still uncleared sidewalks on Holley, Riverside, and Highland. The city needs to enforce this ordnance!!!
    I can see where people cleared the sidewalk but it's clear that the snow blow recovered them. That's not the owner problem, the plow drivers really need to have some respect for the people that take care of the sidewalks.

    To the people that cleared their sidewalks, thank you from my dog and me.

  • Everywhere Torrington, Connecticut - Torrington
    What is the deal with all the plastic bags with advertisements in them? We had this people with the Foothills Trader, now it's the Hartford Courant doing it.
  • 74 Holley Place Torrington, Connecticut - Torrington
    In a previous post https://en.seeclickfix.com/issues/2271544-garage-falling-apart Seek and Destroy said in September "The garage is scheduled for demolition before winter. " It is now January and they are still "up" and getting worse.
  • 30 Holley Place Torrington, Connecticut - Torrington
    The sidewalk here was tarred but during the summer the tar was removed to reveal heavily cracked and uneven concrete.
    This is a danger to the pedestrians especially with winter coming.
    This is a nice neighborhood. Why is this project unfinished?
  • 7 Mckee Place Cheshire Connecticut - Cheshire
    Please leaving 10 McKee Place or arriving to 5 McKee Place often go the wrong was around the traffic circle. I have almost been hit a few times trying to use the roundabout correctly.
  • 551 Main Street Torrington, Connecticut - Torrington
    Investigation needed
    Posting from a facebook posting
    Look behind North End Two Guys