Jonathan Bright

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  • 1029-1031 Park Avenue Huntington, New York - Greenlawn
    In the last week or 2, it seems traffic is more jammed than usual on Park Ave heading toward the intersection with Broadway. Has the traffic light been reprogrammed or something? I stopped at the light and very few cars went by on Broadway. After the light the traffic jam stopped. I think the light timing needs to be adjusted.
  • 28 Highland Road Brentwood, New York - Brentwood
    This street sign needs fixing
  • 200-206 Central Avenue Brooklyn, New York - Bushwick
    There's a big hole in the road as you turn from Central Ave right onto Cedar St, with a orange cone in it
  • 100 White Street Bushwick, New York - Williamsburg
    There's a big hole in the street at the corner of Boerum St and White St, as you turn left onto White street.
  • 597 Columbia St New York - Red Hook

    So there are a million cars parked here without tickets on them, even though the signs say "No Standing Anytime".

    If it's allowed to park here at certain times, please change the signs to say so

  • 84-98 Troutman St New York - Bushwick
  • Bushwick And Flushing Brooklyn, NY - Williamsburg
    Bushwick street sign is bent 90 degrees, making it look like Flushing is Bushwick
  • Atlantic And Albany brooklyn, NY - City Council District 36
    Atlantic Ave sign is bent 90 degrees, making it look like Albany is Atlantic
  • Dog poo Open
    178-208 Boerum St Brooklyn, NY - Williamsburg
    The south sidewalk of Boerum St between Humboldt and Bushwick is constantly littered with dog poo, every time I've walked down it over the past two years. Is there some kind if poop taskforce that can catch the person(s) responsible and fine them?
  • 526-538 Johnson Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA - Williamsburg
    there's been a big gouge pothole across the westbound lane for a while. lots of potholes on this road
  • 395-421 Johnson Ave Huntington, NY - Williamsburg
    in westbound lane on Johnson, crunched the bottom of my car >:(
  • 1007-1009 Bedford Ave Brooklyn, NY - Fort Greene
    The Lafayette Ave sign has been hit? and rotated 90 degrees, so it looks like Bedford is Lafayette. Rotate it back!
  • 2-16 Grandview St Huntington, NY 11743, USA - Huntington
    top bolt rusted off or something
  • Grand St Brooklyn, NY - Williamsburg
    I was watching this traffic light yesterday and it randomly switches very fast. Like it will turn green, then within 2 seconds it will be red and the other lane will be green. I'm afraid it will cause an accident.
  • Sagtikos Pkwy Commack, NY - Commack

    I often see people stuck here because they don't have time to accelerate and merge into traffic. There's plenty of empty land to extend the length of the ramp.


    I can't leave comments because this was prematurely archived, but the issue has been fixed! They lengthened all the on-ramps in the area. Thanks!

  • Bump Archived
    Long Island Expy Elmhurst, NY 11373, USA - Rego Park
    Big bump in pavement on on-ramp needs to be evened out
  • 602 Johnson Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA - Williamsburg
    Johnson is a pretty bad road for cars
  • Pothole Open
    524 Johnson Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA - Williamsburg
    Johnson is a pretty bad road for cars
  • Pothole Archived
    398-404 Johnson Ave Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA - Williamsburg
    Johnson is a pretty bad road for cars