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    731-799 36th Street Oakland, California - Longfellow
    Two guys are living underneath the freeway overpass with a large collection of bicycles and bicycle parts. I routinely see them bringing in bicycles and working on others. This is under the northeast corner of the overpass and they have tucked themselves in behind the chain-link fence and gate. While this is probably within the Caltrans right of way it also looks like it might be a crime issue which is why I am reporting it to the City of Oakland.
  • 633-647 Bellevue Avenue Oakland, California - Lake Merritt

    Here is the location of what I already reported.

    Service Request:
    Parks and Street Medians - Irrigation
    Date / Time Reported:
    4/15/2015 2:17:59 PM

  • 351-399 14th Street Oakland, California - Downtown
    The pedestrian count down signal does not match the traffic light. The point of having a pedestrian count down signal is so that pedestrians know how long they have to cross the intersection. If the light stays green for the automobiles after the count down has finished, as it does right now, pedestrians ignore the count down signal. This is a safety issue as pedestrians are now ignoring the walk signal and continue to cross the intersection after the walk signal has expired.
  • 2501-2549 West Street Oakland, California - Hoover-Foster
    West Street between 25th Street and Sycamore St has bike lanes on it, only the line marking the lane is gone. On much of West street new paint was applied this summer (thank you!) to refresh the thermoplastic but this block was missed. There is an existing "bike lane" stencil in the north bound direction, but the stripe marking the lane is no longer visible on either side of the street.
  • 2510 West Street Oakland, California - Hoover-Foster
    I have been bicycling by Lone Star Auto Repair for 2+ years and every weekday afternoon they have vehicles blocking the bicycle lane, and more often than not, parked across the sidewalk. This takes place immediately in front of their business and is an ongoing problem.