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  • Seaport Boulevard Boston, MA 02210, USA - Central
    Lane markings can't be seen in traffic and are not necessarily what people would expect based on the intersection design. Signs could clarify which lane goes where and avoid accidents when people in a right turn lane try to go straight.
  • 220 Broadway Everett, MA 02149, USA - Everett
    Multiple potholes
  • 220 Broadway Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    Several deep potholes
  • 6th Street Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    Before this winter, there was a "Do Not Enter" sign coming from 6th St up to this one way street. That sign came down with the snow, and has not been replaced. The street is still marked as One Way from the Drydock Ave side, but there is no indication from the 6th St side. The road is not shown on this google map, but is clearly visible on satellite.
  • Pothole Archived
    55 Warren Street Boston, Massachusetts - Charlestown
    Pothole in the bike lane on Warren St at the intersection with Winthrop street
  • Pothole Archived
    22-30 Forest Street Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 5
  • 73 Seaport Boulevard Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    The bike lane eastbound on Seaport Blvd is almost entirely blocked by a combination of snow and parked news trucks.
  • Snow Removal Archived
    Northern Strand Community Trail Everett, Massachusetts - Everett

    First, I wanted to say thanks for keeping the trail clear and passable, it makes a big difference!

    However, at the exit of the trail onto West street, there are large snow piles with a narrow path beaten into them, and a huge, partially frozen puddle, big enough to swallow a bike wheel or potentially a small child.

  • Northern Strand Community Trail Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 5
    The trail is almost impassable in the Malden section due to several inches of partially compacted snow and ice. Everett has done a nice job with their section, which is easily passable, with due regard for patches of snow and ice.
  • 402 Main Street Boston, Massachusetts - Charlestown
    Many cars are parked blocking the bike lane due to insufficient snow removal for them to park all the way to the right of the road.
  • Large Pothole Archived
    2219-2401 Revere Beach Parkway Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    I encountered a very large pothole in the leftmost eastbound lane on Revere Beach Pkwy this morning. The location is approximate (certainly after the route 16/Santilli interchange and before route 28), but the hole is hard to miss.
  • Pothole Archived
    225 Northern Avenue Boston, MA 02210, USA - South Boston
    In eastbound lanes
  • Pothole Archived
    Interstate 93 Somerville, MA 02145, USA - Somerville
  • 100-144 Alford Street Boston, Massachusetts - Charlestown
    The surface of the bike lane on 99 has a large amount of debris on it. Much of it is gravel or stones, but there are also a significant number of metal items presenting a greater hazard. Please sweep this street. Thank you
  • 590 Fellsway Medford, Massachusetts - Medford
    Southbound on Fellsway, when you stop at the stoplight there are reasonably clear lane markings, but it's not clear which lane you're supposed to wind up in on the other side of the intersection. I've seen a number of close calls here where two adjacent vehicles both thought they were supposed to be in the same lane on the other side.
  • 10 Alford Street Boston, Massachusetts - Charlestown

    The signs posted with respect to the bicycle lane at this intersection are confusing. Bikes coming south on 99 have a stop sign. Motorists coming around Sullivan Square roundabout have an unusual sign with a Yield symbol and a path over the bike lane. It's not clear what behavior is expected of both bikers and motorists with this sign combination. Should cyclists come to a stop and then proceed with the expectation that motorists will yield? Are cyclists expected to stop and yield to cars, with the unusual sign just asking motorists to be aware of cyclists who might not have seen them? Something else?

    Please clarify the expected action and communicate it more clearly to all road users, either through additional or more clear signs.

  • Pothole Archived
    196-208 North Washington Street Boston, Massachusetts - Charlestown
    Multiple potholes on the southbound approach to the Washington St bridge, mostly on the right side of the road (ie, where cyclists are particularly susceptible to them).
  • 220 Broadway Everett, Massachusetts - Everett
    There is a crack on the side of the pavement just before the bike lane begins, just the right size to catch a bike tire, creating a safety hazard.
  • Pothole Archived
    157-177 Seaport Boulevard Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    Potholes in the bike lane on Seaport Blvd headed southeast, at the intersection of Seaport Blvd and B St.
  • Other City Request Acknowledged
    227-293 Northern Avenue Boston, Massachusetts - South Boston
    Valet parkers for several of the restaurants here almost always have the bike lane blocked in the afternoon/evening, and often the right lane of traffic (heading northwest). This creates a dangerous situation as bikes and motor vehicles funnel into one or two lanes and valets and patrons open car doors without looking at what is coming up behind them.