Rank: Heman Civic Points: 5,840
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Clara Barton Pkwy Washington 20016, United States - The Palisades
    Inbound Clara Barton at Chain Bridge has a big pothole
  • 2001-2041 16th St Nw Washington, DC, 20009, USA - Meridian Hill
    The new bus priority light northbound on 16th at U NW creates confusion for southbound 16th traffic that wants to turn left to go east on U. They get a green circle light and wait for northbound traffic to start moving (assuming they get the green light at the same time). Because of the bus priority signal, northbound traffic waits several seconds. This creates a situation where the southbound left turners give up on northbound traffic going and decide to make the left--right as northbound traffic gets the green light. It's a right-of-way conflict. Could be resolved by giving only the buses the signal and keeping southbound traffic stopped on red until the bus priority signal is over. That way, north and southbound traffic gets the green signal at the same time and there's less confusion and conflict.
  • Pothole Closed
    3788-3804 Canal Rd Nw Washington, DC, 20007, USA - Georgetown
    Several potholes in left lane outbound Canal Rd prior to the split.
  • Pothole Closed
    Whitehurst Fwy Nw Washington 20007, United States - Georgetown
    Massive crater in roadway left lane of Whitehurt Fwy as it exits onto M St/Canal Rd. Horrible!
  • 5338–5348 Canal Rd Nw Washington 20016, United States - The Palisades
    The signal timing for Canal Rd NW inbound at Chain Bridge is terrible. Traffic backs up in the morning and gets very short green lights while inbound Chain Bridge has long greens and no traffic.
  • Roadway Signs Acknowledged
    Whitehurst Freeway Washington, DC 20007, United States of America - Georgetown
    Sign laying across sidewalk on the westbound exit of Whitehurst Fwy as it turns right towards the Key Bridge & Georgetown. Metal sign post got knocked down.
  • 2001 14th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20010, United States of America - Meridian Hill
    White Honda Civic with DC tags DC8520 parked in the bus stop obstructing traffic so the driver could go to SubWay and get her lunch.
  • 1700 2nd St Sw Washington, DC 20024, USA - South West
    DC6785 needs a couple new brake light bulbs.
  • 955 L'Enfant Plaza Southwest Washington, DC 20004, United States of America - South West
    Several cars parked in emergency no parking zone south side of 700-800 blocks of D St SW right outside the BTA.
  • Roadway Signs Acknowledged
    907 Barry Pl Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - Columbia Heights
    New lane markings for eastbound traffic puts the travel lane directly against the curb lane but the signs allow parking which fully blocks the travel lane. Needs no parking anytime signs.
  • Roadway Signs Archived
    1402 Swann St Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - U Street Corridor
    The intersection of Swann at 14th NW needs a stop sign on the right side of the road.
  • 2802 14th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20009, United States of America - Columbia Heights
    Left signal southbound 14th at Girard NW is facing wrong way.
  • 1124 11th St Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - Mount Vernon Triangle
    Traveling southbound on 11th St NW, the speed limit changes three times in three blocks. It's unposted (25) until the 1300 block where it goes to 30. Then it drops to 25 in the 1200 block before going back up to 30 in the 1100 block with a tiny little speed limit sign. Why does the limit change so much and should it?
  • 2051-2067 17th St Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - Dupont Circle
    Street sweeper speeding wrong way north in 2000-2100 blocks of 17th St NW and 1700 Seaton Pl NW.
  • Pothole Archived
    2620 16th St Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - Adams Morgan
    Left lane northbound 2400 16th St NW. the metal plate has sunken below the surface.
  • Dc Fire Department Engine Co. 18 414 8th Street Southeast, Washington, DC 20003, United States of America - Capitol Hill
    Ambulance 18 flashes all white lights and no red lights. Some wires get crossed?
  • 2001-2003 18 St Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - Adams Morgan
    Its unfair that DPW garbage trucks ride around with their tags busted, covered, and obstructed just so they get out of tickets but aren't held accountable. This tag needs to be replaced and the workers need to stop screwing with their tags.
  • 3299 Whitehurst Fwy Nw Washington, DC 20007, USA - Georgetown
    The driver of a white Honda Civic with DC tags DC8923 was speeding on the Whitehurst Fwy and kept tailgating cars. It changed lanes several times without using a turn signal and cut across all three lanes at the end to turn right on M St.
  • 1805 12th St Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - U Street Corridor
    No parking sign prevents parking in front of an old and defunct driveway curb cut. The driveway is no longer serviceable because the former garage is now a house. Removing the sign would increase residential parking.
  • Street Repair Acknowledged
    1423 Columbia Rd Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - Columbia Heights
    1400 block of Columbia Rd NW feels like a stretch of road from Baghdad was dropshipped here. Extraordinarily rough road that desperately needs to be replaced.