Rang: Vigilante municipal Points Civiques: 840
  • 205-10 35th Ave Apt 336 Bayside, New York - Clearview
    Grate on corner of 205th St and 35th ave. is caving in.
  • 205-10 35th Ave Bayside, New York - Clearview
    We have a tree limb dangling above the sidewalk and close to parked vehicles. It could come down any time.
  • Pothole Archivé
    205-0-205-2 35th Ave Bayside, NY 11361, USA - Clearview
    Drainage grate is sinking
  • Pothole Ouvert
    206-1-206-99 35th Ave Bayside, NY 11361, USA - Clearview
    Sink hole on 205th street, close to 35th Ave
  • Pothole Archivé
    205-10 35 Ave Bayside, New York - Clearview
    The storm drain cement around the grate has caved into the ground. It has created a very dangerous hole surrounding the drain on 35th ave on south side of street between 204th st and 205th street but closer to 205th street corner. Thank you
  • 205-10 35 Ave Bayside, New York - Clearview
    Every time a car runs over this man hole cover it makes a loud noise like its dislodged. The cover is not flush.
  • 204-0-204-98 35th Ave Bayside, NY - Clearview
    We have very limited parking from 204 st to 205 st on 35 ave in Bayside NY and two parking spots are still being taken by down tree limbs and branches.
  • 205 35 Ave Bayside, NY - Clearview
    Work was done on street and filled in with asphalt but it has collapsed in and created a huge crater. There is a red cone in the crater but it has started to get bigger. This is extremely hazardous to the residents of this community.