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  • 302 Alden Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    Tree roots have lifted the sidewalk to a hazardous level. There is 6 inch lift going across the sidewalk which is causing people to trip and fall. Please address this issue asap.
  • 310 Alden Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    There have been many accidents and close calls at the intersection of Alden Ave and Willard St because Alden Ave does not have stop signs. I reported this issue years ago (Issue ID:2017) but there was no resolution. This summer I observed over 6 accidents at this intersection and many near misses with vehicles and pedestrians. Vehicles (including buses) travel at high speeds through this intersection. I have seen near misses with mothers pushing strollers, children walking and on bikes, and dog walkers. We desperately need stop signs on Alden Ave before someone is hit and killed. Why does the city need a fatality to do something as cheap and simple as installing 2 Stop Signs.
  • Willard St And Alden Ave. - Westville
    At the intersection of Willard st. and Alden Ave. there are only 2 stop signs on Willard and none on Alden. This has become a stretch of road that has constant speeders and accidents. There are many families and dog owners who cross Alden in this area and we need Stop Signs on Alden.