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  • 336 East Main Street Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough

    The (3) dumpsters at Marlborough Court are in disrepair / in need of replacement. They are rotted out on the bottom and the lids are missing/broken.

    Kindly requesting replacement.

  • Oakwood Lane Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester

    The sidewalks throughout the Oakwood Lane neighborhood are defective around the whole property. There are water boxes and gas utilities that are sticking up creating a dangerous situation and trip hazard. These are a liability to the City and putting residents at risk.

    These sidewalks are extremely treacherous and we are greatly concerned about the safety and well-being of this neighborhood. There are several elderly residents and young children whom could become severely injured on one of these raised structures.

  • 6 Oakwood Lane Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester

    TICKET # 1732239 is still open, and the City erroneously marked our previous See-Click-Fix complaint as resolved (marked "CLOSED by City of Worcester (Verified Official) /The City of Worcester has resolved this issue. 04/28/2018").

    This pothole issue at the entrance to Oakwood Lane, near 107 Blithewood was NOT resolved. This pothole is still there, and is far too large for the City to just slap some cold-patch in it. This pothole will require the City to cut and patch this area, to complete the repair safely and appropriately.

    The photo attached is the "repair" that was conducted. This was very poorly done, and incomplete.

  • 167 Pleasant Street Worcester, Massachusetts - Worcester
    There are 6 LARGE rusty bolts sticking out of the sidewalk (looks like someone removed a bench & left these there). This is a MAJOR trip hazard and very DANGEROUS. This evening I tripped over these and fell & hurt myself. At bare minimum some one should have put cones over these. This was very negligent of whomever left these there.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    336 East Main St Marlborough, Massachusetts - Marlborough
    Someone 2 days in a row has been illegally using the Association's dumpsters to dump construction debris. Photos taken today 2/25/2015.