• 2000 5th St Ne Washington, DC - Eckington

    The sidewalks on the W side of the street are poorly delinated (meaning they look like parking lots) and are blocked by cars, and there are no sidewalks on the E side, forcing pedestrians to walk in the street. It's very dangerous, especially since the road is used by heavy trucks.

    I requested info from DDOT on the MBT listserv (the bottom of this road, at R, is an MBT access point) and no one responded.

  • 2014 5th St Ne WASHINGTON, DC - Eckington
    There are ALWAYS 10-20 cars and cabs blocking the sidewalk here. It's incredibly dangerous for pedestrians. I've called it in to 311 but it was "unenforceable." How are cars parking on the sidewalk 'unenforceable'?
  • North Capital At T St Washington, DC - Bloomingdale
    I walked two blocks to my bus stop (80 bus at North Capital and T St NW/NE) this morning. I had to walk through 2 feet of snow and walk in the street to get around 5 foot snow drifts (from the plows, presumably) just to get there. For the second time this winter, after a heavy snow I had to stand in the middle of the street to wait for the bus. There were 4 of us waiting in the street. An old man actually walked in front of the bus while it was pulling up - luckily the bus driver saw him - but there was no margin of error, and it was pure luck that no one got hurt. Why isn't it standard practice to plow the sidewalks and crosswalks of major streets (like North Capital, Rhode Island, etc.) after a snow storm? After I got off the bus at North Capital and H St, I had to walk literally 20 feet into the road to get around the snow drift the street the plows created. I feel so marginalized as a pedestrian and bus rider, and the grumblings I heard on the bus tell me I'm not alone.
  • 1-99 G St Ne Washington, DC 20212, USA - Capitol Hill

    There is a crosswalk here (actually, 3, as it's an intersection), and it is HEAVILY used by commuters coming and going from Union Station. Often, drivers don't stop, or do but then drive quickly through crosswalks regardless of whether there is someone in there.

    There either needs to be a stoplight there, or there need to be BIG "Drivers MUST yield to pedestrians" signs.

  • 16 Rhode Island Ave Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington
    The G8 bus stops here, but I was almost hit (while standing on the curb) by a NOT IN SERVICE bus that was seriously speeding! If there was a bus shelter here (which there should be at EVERY bus stop, though mayby that's too much to ask for) perhaps the drivers would slow down, and EXPECT people to be standing there.