Kevin Dalley

Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 28,245
  • Address Unavailable - Adams Point
    A school crossing sign was knocked over in front of Lakeview Elementary school
  • Address Unavailable - Lynn-Highland Park
    Street sign has been knocked over at this location
  • Address Unavailable - Lynn-Highland Park
    There is no pedestrian signal at this location. Motor vehicle signal is pointing to motor traffic and not pedestrian when crossing up the hill.
  • Address Unavailable - Tuxedo
    This is near the bus stop on 14th Ave
  • Address Unavailable - Tuxedo
    This mattress is on 14th Ave, next to the bus stop 55202
  • Address Unavailable - Piedmont Avenue

    This Uber driver was parked in front of 4315 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA, delivering a meal.

    The opposite side of the street had a linen truck parked in bike lane.

    This is a constant problem on Piedmont Ave. I can rarely travel more than 2 blocks without a vehicle parked in bike lane.

    I suggest issuing warnings for 3 months, then start issuing tickets.

    Should double parked cars park in vehicle lane instead?

  • Address Unavailable - Glenview
  • 4193 Piedmont Ave Oakland, CA 94611, USA - Piedmont Avenue

    This sign on Ridgeway is bent, probably hit by a vehicle.

    Please fix it.

  • Address Unavailable - Glenview

    The east side of Glen Park needs a crosswalk crossing Chatham.

    The west side of Glen Park is closed to pedestrians due to tents on the sidewalk.

    Also, the is a bus stop on the east side of Glen Park.

    Let's put a visible crosswalk, to make it clear that crossing here is legal.

  • Address Unavailable - Tuxedo
    The broken beer bottles are a danger for pedestrians along the Ardley overpass above 580.
  • Address Unavailable - Tuxedo
    This is under the 580 overpass, opposite the homeless encampment
  • Address Unavailable - Lynn-Highland Park

    A pole on a street sign has been hit by a vehicle, and bent over. The sign itself is gone.

    The bent pole now blocks some of the sidewalk, and is a tripping hazard for pedestrians.

  • 3400 Fruitvale Ave Oakland CA 94602, USA - Dimond

    New bike lanes have been striped on Fruitvale between Montana and MacArthur.

    However, there are 2 parking meters which have parking spots in this bike lane.

    Please remove the parking meters so that the bike lane can be used by bicycles.

  • Macarthur Fwy Oakland CA 94602, USA - Dimond
    Please move this sign so that traffic on Flagg can see oncoming traffic on Montana
  • 1660 Vista St Oakland, CA 94602, USA - Glenview

    At each entrance to Dimond Park, there are 2 signs about dog rules.

    One sign says that dogs are prohibited.

    The other sign says that dogs must be on a leash.

    Please mark out signs banning dogs, since that sign is out of date.

  • 1450 Excelsior Oakland, CA - Glenview

    This depression section has been patched multiple in the last few years.

    The last patch lasted longer, but has given way again.

    I suspect that a leaky sewer line is causing the repeated collapses.

    Not yet as bad as last time, but getting worse.

    This problem is on a bike route.

  • 1 Fallon Street Oakland, California - Produce And Waterfront

    I frequently ride my bicycle down Fallon straight, through this perpendicular one way street, into Oak.

    The one way street may be Fallon, but I'm not sure. The county assessor maps are unclear.

    In any case, there should be a street sign where this street intersects Oak St

  • 3998 Glen Park Rd Oakland CA 94602, USA - Glenview

    When traffic from Glen Park Road gets green light, almost all traffic turns right or left. Very little traffic crosses Park Blvd through to Hampel.

    This results in right turning traffic going through the crosswalk crossing Park Blvd to the right of the traffic.

    This happens at the same time pedestrians get a walk sign.

    Thus cars are directed at crossing pedestrians.

    Pedestrians should have a walk sign without traffic.

  • Address Unavailable - Upper Dimond

    This red curb used to be a bus stop. The bus has been removed.

    Here are a few possibilities for this space:

    A curb cut so that bicycles can get to the bike racks after making a left turn into the library.

    A parklet

    Disabled parking for the library.

    A short term parking spot the library, 20 minutes maximum. The library parking is often full.

  • 1403 Glenfield Ave Oakland, CA 94602, USA - Glenview

    This might be due to the Glenview Elementary construction.

    The corner of the street is in very bad shape.