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  • 317–343 Edgewood Ave New Haven CT 06511, United States - Edgewood
    Another near catastrophic accident today at the intersection of Winthrop and Edgewood. Two cars barely missed each other. It's been 10 months since this light was installed and it is still not turned on. Please please please prioritize finishing this project.
  • 217–227 Sherman Ave New Haven CT 06511, United States - Edgewood
    Four months ago the city added preliminary markings for crosswalks at Edgewood and Sherman, along with most other intersections down Edgewood. Since then, nothing has been completed. Four months is an extremely long time for a project slated to be finished before the Sept start of the school year.
  • 1305 Ella T Grasso Blvd New Haven CT 06511, United States - Edgewood
    Just inside park at Stanley St.
  • Edgewood Ave And Norton St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Edgewood
    Car illegally parked on City property.
  • Signs Archived
    336 Winthrop Ave New Haven CT 06511, United States - Edgewood
    The good news is, they finally have electricity for the traffic lights at Edgewood and Winthrop. The not so good news is that they’re just blinking red! When will they be set to red yellow green?
  • Sherman Ave & Whalley Ave New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Edgewood
    The light is not functioning properly from eother direction on Sherman. It will allow a turn onto Whalley from either way but won't allow you to go straight.
  • Edgewood Ave & Norton St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Edgewood
    The traffic light at Edgewood and Norton, heading east toward downtown on Edgewood (with the park to your right) is only green for ten seconds long and traffic backs up down Edgewood during high volume times such as morning commute. It should be twice as long to accommodate the higher volume on that road. Further, the cross traffic is not high-volume. I have sat through this light three times before being able to go through.
  • 365 Winthrop Ave New Haven, Connecticut, 06511 - Edgewood

    Abandoned RV - Vermont Plate number GHA 646 - Has been there since start of November. Has been ticketed once before. Has not moved at all. A new dilapidated RV arrived on the street today. Did not see a license plate

    Corner of Winthrop and Maple - Actually located on Maple

  • 341 Winthrop Ave New Haven CT 06511, United States - Edgewood
    Yet another serious accident at the intersection of Edgewood Avenue and Winthrop Avenue. Traffic lights installed last year still don’t work. Street striping truck blocks field of view for drivers. When will the traffic lights finally get in hooked up to electricity???
  • 393 Orchard St New Haven CT 06511, United States - Dwight
    Left red ball out on northbound Orchard
  • 1423 Chapel St New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Dwight
    There are continuous hospital employees parking on Beers street and not allowing for available parking spaces for residents like me with valid parking permits. I often have no where to parking on the street and this is at a times of the day.
  • 627 Elm St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Dwight
    This trailer is parked in Cross Walks, making it dangerous for kids to cross to get to park. This trailer is always parked illegally.