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  • Ridge Cir Canton, GA - Canton
    People speed on this road to cut through this neighborhood. It has caused several accidents including a head on collision. Speed bumps and stop signs will slow them down and may even deter a lot of them from cutting through.
  • Other Archived
    415 Orchid Lane Canton, Georgia - Canton
    The runoff from the driveway makes the street a mess and it runs into the drain. The sidewalk stops at this point and on the other side of the street. I've twisted my ankle walking over the very uneven terrain when going from sidewalk to sidewalk when walking.
    The pic is from a good day when it's dry, see when it wet out like today
  • Ridge Circle Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton
    This street light needs to be replaced. Light keeps going in and out. Never stays on.
  • 130 Roy St Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton
    This property has mass amounts of trash along the right side and rear of the house. This is a snake, rodent, and personal hazard. Please enforce a clean up.
  • Blighted Property Acknowledged
    115 Hickory Flat Highway Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton
    Abandoned building with collapsed roof right down from Chevron in Hickory Flat Highway. Building empty and in poor condition for at least 8 years. Should be removed.
  • 610 East Main Street Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton
    This house has been reported several times for blight. Now it has a pile of branches in the drive (two weeks), kudzu covering the roof and paint falling off.
  • Blighted Property Acknowledged
    610 East Main Street Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton
    Abandoned house overgrown with kudzu and weeds
  • Pothole Archived
    Trenton Dr Canton, Georgia - Canton
    there are a few pot holes on my street can you PLEASE fix them?
  • Litter Archived
    196 East Main Street Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton
    Cigarette butts all over the bench areas! I guess the city needs trash cans with ashtrays?
  • Pothole Archived
    213-215 Osmanthus Way Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton
    Huge pothole! About 20 birds were bathing in it last week.
  • 100-120 Diamond Ridge Ave Canton, GA - Canton
  • Other Archived
    850 East Main Street Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton
    Please ask the person in the large truck and SUV to not park on the sidewalk. Why do the Canton police not ticket people for parking on the sidewalk? City code prohibits it.