First Selectman of New Hartford

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  • 802-898 W Hill Rd New Hartford, CT 06057, USA - Torringford
    On the Torrington/New Hartford line, the road is basically non-existent. Cars have to literally stop here to navigate the pot holes, and it is a heavily traveled road.
  • Greenwoods Road - New Hartford
    This road is becoming almost unpassable
  • 511 Town Hill Road New Hartford, CT - Torringford
    For decades a beaver dam has existed where West Hill Road crosses Cedar Swamp Brook, causing no harm to anyone. Today the dam was destrored by the Highway Department. There was no reason to do this, and it will harm the wetlands -- never mind the beaver. The dam should be restored.
  • East Cottonhill Rd & 202 New Hartford, CT - New Hartford
    there are certain times of the day you will never get out of there, and they are not doing the speed limit. it's a dangerous intersection.
  • Cedar Lane At Niles Rd New Hartford, CT - New Hartford
    The stop signs on Cedar Lane at Niles Road and at Winchester Street are unnecessary. I think they were placed there to slow traffic but traffic just speeds up again. What they do cause is increased fuel consumption and a lessening of importance of stop signs where they do belong.
  • Se Rd New Hartford, CT 06057, USA - New Hartford
    Large pieces of pavement are missing, making for very hazardous driving conditions.
  • Litchfield Turnpike And Woodland Road New Hartford, CT 06057, USA - New Hartford
    There is a major problem with speeding and people not paying attention when the school bus is stopped with its red lights flashing. They constantly pass the bus when they should be obeying the law and stopping for the bus. Morning and afternoon.
  • 533-677 Steele Rd New Hartford, CT 06057, USA - New Hartford
    parts of this road are sooo far gone that you cant go more that 5mph!!!! this road would be better off dirt!!! the town of new hartford has ignored it for years... TIME TO FIX IT!!!!
  • Central Avenue New Hartford, CT 06057, USA - New Hartford Center
    Central Avenue is very narrow road with two way traffic and on the street parking. Cars often have to stop at one end or the other for one lane to get through. Cars turn off Main Street a very busy road into Central Ave. Make this a one way road until the realignment has been done. It's been 4 yrs already.
  • 320 Farmington River Turnpike - New Hartford
    Speeding/Excessive Traffic for unpaved & paved road!
  • 35 E Cotton Hill Rd New Hartford, CT 06057, USA - New Hartford
    Is there really a need for a stop sign here going to Rt 202? You are just feet from the end of the road.
  • 20-98 Merrill Rd New Hartford, CT 06057, USA - New Hartford
    This section of raod between Sabolick Rd. and RT-202 is horrible. It is always washed-out and pot-holed. It has become dangerous as cars cross into opposing traffic lanes to avoid damage to thier cars. This road has been in poor condition for over four years now!