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  • washout Archived
    Intersection Kumquat And Egret Coon Rapids, MN - Coon Rapids
    sod along curb above storm drain on SE corner is washing out
  • Sign Needed Archived
    200 110th Lane N.W. Coon Rapids, MN - Coon Rapids
    Along 110th Lane N.W. off of Foley Blvd there should be a sign stating "watch for children" and "this is not a thru street"
  • Nelson Park Coon Rapids, MN - Coon Rapids
    Large groups of teenagers are congregating at the beautiful new Nelson Park playground after dark. Smoking of tobacco and marijuana, littering, graffiti and fighting have been going on. The Coon Rapids PD have been quite diligent in sending squads through on a nightly basis, but if there were a street light illuminating the playground, this would help make this location a less inviting place for mischief.
  • Main Coon Rapids, Minnesota - Anoka
  • 10103 Quinn St Nw Coon Rapids, Mn - Coon Rapids
    street light has been out for 3 weeks please fix it asap
  • Other Archived
    3251 Northdale Boulevard Northwest Coon Rapids, MN 55448, USA - Coon Rapids
    Dangerous driveway, the driveway for wells Fargo is too close to the intersection. People just get around the corner or through the intersection then slam on the breaks to turn into driveway. I can to count the number of times I personal have came within inches of being in an accident because of this driveway. This needs to be shut down or relocated farther from the intersection.
  • 3913-3943 119th Ave Nw Coon Rapids, MN - Coon Rapids
    The Coon Rapids Crime Free Multi Housing sign has been damaged with grafitti at the entrance to 3955 119th Ave NW (Northpointe Apartments)
  • 109th Avenue Northeast Blaine, Minnesota - Blaine
    The lights that allow traffic to either turn onto or cross over Hwy 65 are ridiculously short. I sat in the left turn lane (turning S from 109th onto 65 S) through 3 cycles, and people are still running through them red. This happens on a daily basis during rush hour traffic. It would be very helpful if the time cycles on the lights could be reviewed and reassessed as traffic in the are picks up over time.
  • Graffitti Archived
    11865 Blackfoot St Nw Coon Rapids, MN - Coon Rapids
    There is an abundance of graffitti along Blackfoot St NW and 119th Ave NW on nearly all the metal road work signs and street signs in the area. Can this be cleaned up?
  • 12145-12269 Round Lake Blvd Nw Coon Rapids, MN - Coon Rapids
    When will the signal for the trail crossing be operational?
  • Bump in Rpad Archived
    11448 Olive St Nw Coon Rapids, MN - Coon Rapids
    After putting in gutters in the road way, a very unsafe bump now exists. Motorists must slow to 5 MPH or less to pass over it safely. I have even see things dumped out of vehicles creating unsafe debris due to the bump. Instead of bump signs placed there, fix it already!
  • 3021 124th Ave Nw Coon Rapids, MN 55433, USA - Coon Rapids
    Westbound side