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Councillor Jeff Knoll

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  • 195 Gatwick Drive Oakville, ON - Oakville

    Original issue was reported on October 1, 2010 with another request for an update on June 14, 2011 with no further progress.

    The request is to change the intersection of Gatwick Dr. and Windfield Dr. to a four-way stop.

    As many people from the town offices have told me, Oakpark was designed so that stop signs would be alternating throughout the subdivision. On the corner of Windfield and Gatwick the stop sign for drivers and pedestrians is on Windfield Dr. This poses a huge problem for drivers and pedestians alike, since the visablitiy is poor around the corner of Gatwick because of the curve of the street. The visiblity is especially bad when looking down Gatwick from the north side of the street. Since Gatwick does not have stop signs, many drivers come through at high speeds and no one can see them until they are at the intersection. The city plan is for Gatwick to eventually go through to Trafalgar. When this happens, the volume of traffic will also increase.

    Windfield is the street that becomes Caldwell at Glenashton. This is the street that Posts' Corners School is located on. Many families go through the Windfield/Gatwick intersection to get to and from school everyday. This is also the street that leads directly to the Post Village Inn long term care facility. Many people walk through this corner to go there daily also.

    There was a bad car accident on this corner last May. The woman t-boned at the intersection has been cc'd, and can also tell you, she did not see the other driver coming. After this incident and seeing many other close calls, I think it is time to do something about this.

    Again in April 2011 another accidient resulting in (2) Senior Citizens to be hit while driving northbound on Windfield Drive

    I am requesting for the corner of Gatwick Dr. and Windfield Dr. to become a 4-way stop. As you can see, I have support from neighbours who agree.

  • 261 271 Oak Park Blvd Oakville, ON - Oakville
    The signal for Oak Park Blvd/Postridge takes a VERY long time to respond to the presence of vehicles, and is so short! Many people drive excessively fast along Oak Park to 'make' the light because it is so infrequent.
  • 2469-2479 6 Line Oakville, ON L6H 6J6, Canada - Oakville
    Cable Box is destroyed and wires are sticking out that have been just wrapped in electrical tape.
  • 2169 6 Line Oakville, ON L6H 3N7, Canada - Oakville
    The Mac's Milk/Pizzaville lot located at 2169 Sixth line is constantly overrun by teenagers who just hang around in the parking lot smoking drugs, fighting, playing loud music and trafficking. The lot needs police presence after hours as cars pull in to the M&M side of the lot to hide in the darkness and under the ravine trees awaiting "customers" (The lot desperately needs more lighting).
    This isn't new to the police nor to the councillors of the area but it seems it has been forgotten once again as there is rarely any police presence on weeknights or weekends.
    Let's try to clean this area up?
  • 2300 Parkhaven Blvd Oakville, ON - Oakville

    I received the "Let's Talk Oakville", and read the column on "The GTAA Noise Abatement Program". I can't say that I notice the air traffic. However, I do notice the loud speaker of the local Ice Cream truck.

    I live in Oakpark, and the Ice Cream truck drives up and down the streets, playing the same jingle over and over, at a volume which can be heard blocks, and blocks away.

    The truck loiters around 6 days a week, just around dinner time, for a couple of hours each night (2-3). The only time the music stops, is when it parks at Millbank Park for a bit.

    I am sure every kid disagrees with me, but it is the most annoying noise when you are trying to have a nice dinner with the windows open.

    Is their a by-law against this infernal racket?

    Sound sampling (not from our area): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2uOzy3cyG8

  • Oxford And Upper Middle Road Oakville, ON - Oakville
    I drive this route every day and have been doing so for the past 10 years to get my kids to school. The light takes forever to change and there is often quite a lineup waiting behind me! It was fixed a few years ago and was working faster but after some road construction last summer it has gone back to being very slow to change (over 1 minute).
  • River Oaks Blvd West Oakville, ON - Oakville
    We live on River Oaks Blvd W between Oxford Ave and Winding Woods Drive where the road has been scheduled to be resurfaced. We received a notice back in June that work was to be done however only some curbs have been redone and since then there's been nothing happening while big ugly orange and black plyons are still lining the streets for 2 months. When will the work be done to resurface the roads and can we ***please*** have the pylons removed if no construction work is underway? They are a real eye sore...we take pride in our home and neighbourhood and are tired of staring at pylons. Thanks.
  • Constant Speeding Acknowledged
    2163 6 Line Oakville, ON L6H 3N7, Canada - Oakville
    Constant speeding northbound and southbound on 6th line between Upper middle and Glenashton.
    Cars are screeching tires off the lights at Riveroaks and out of the Mac's Milk/Pizzaville parking lot.
  • 151 Gatwick Drive Oakville, ON - Oakville
    The street light right in front of 151 Gatwick does not work.
  • Construction Mess Acknowledged
    Central Park Dr Oakville, ON - Oakville
    Construction started in the open area/ponds in October 2010; they added a great path around one of the ponds and will be putting in a bridge...or so I thought; they've never come back to finish it, so we still can't actually enjoy this (6 months later). At the same time, they started working on the sideway just across from Gatwick on Central Park, they dug a big hole to do some work on the sewer...again, they never finished it. So there's this big mess over there, that I walk through every day; mud, gravel, the nasty hole, plus clay that gets all over my dogs paws. I expect more from Oakville.
  • 1290 Redbank Cres Oakville, ON - Oakville
    There is a walkway from Redbank Cres. to White Oaks High School field. In the morning, afternoon lunch breaks and late afternoon, school kids gather to smoke pot, drink and hang out. A couple of weeks ago, tagging (very obscene and graphic) appeared on a new fence. Also, my fence on the other side has been damaged (broken and smashed lattice work) and now has to be repaired. Garbage is thrown into both yards. And the walkway is strewn with broken glass. I've sent an email with lots of images and heard nothing in return.
  • Munn'S Ave. Oakville, ON - Oakville
    I live on Mayla Drive and in the past few years have noticed the increasing speed of drivers along this stretch of Munn's. I would like to see speed bumps along this stretch of road like they installed in front of River Oaks School. Try turning left onto Munn's from Mayla and you will see there is a blind curve in the road so just as you start turning onto Munn's a car seems to come out of nowhere. It is making alot of residents nervous and is only a matter of time before there is an accident there.