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Bayonne Mayor

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  • 630 Avenue C Bayonne, NJ 07002, USA - Bayonne

    I like to complain about the Super Creepy
    - Statues in front of Bayonne City Hall

    These statues may commniicate horrifying unspeakable crimimal behavoir

    These statues SHOULD NOT have children depicted with the Policeman and Fireman

    One holding hands with a 10 year old child

    The other holding a newborn baby

    It's not appropriate

    It also may be a Symbolic Image to Terrorize Tesidents - like the "infamous" Police Blotter" of The Bayonne Times Edition of The Jersey Journal - 1970s to 2005 - befote it went viral on the Internet

    With repeating recurring entry
    every week or month

    [Suspect - Name] fell down the stairs of Bayonne Police HQ and went to Bayonne Hospital - for contussions, abrasions , swollen lip and or blackeye

    NOTICE - Hinting at Police Brutality

    As well as Tool to "blackmail" or "threaten" Police or Firemen

    As for the former Police Chief and Detectie - James Sisk as The Protector - Statue - He is regarded as a Organized Crime Figure - who was "under investigation" according to Metro Section of NY Times in 1980s -along with Thomas Lavan - by The Waterfront Commission and FBI

    Who inspired jokes like

    Jimmy The Protector Sisk

    The Only Police Chief in America
    with a Mob Nickname

    And is considered by residents
    to the most notorious detective
    and police chief
    in Bayonne amd America

    He is even rumored to be portrayed
    by Harvey Keitel (German - Actor)
    in the movie - Copland

    These Disgusting and Despicable Statues must go

  • 1347 John F. Kennedy Blvd Bayonne, NJ 07002, USA - Bayonne

    1347 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Bayonne, NJ 07002

    There is a serious problem with Bayonne Policee Department

    Providing Security at the Bayonne DMV Office

    BPD iOfficers are behind he counter with Supervisors and DMV Clerks

    Giving orders to Supervisors and Clerks

    Being Abusive to Bayonne Residents

    Denying Applications with Fake Bureucratic Rules or Lies - Directly to Customers or Bayonne Residents

    Threatening Bayonne Residents with Violrnce

    Threatening Bayonne Residents with Arrest

    Speaking Directly to Customers
    from behind the Counter

    Denying Applications for Licenses, Renewals ans Reacements - based on Dislike or Police Harassment

    The NJ STATE DMVI OFFICE in Bayonne NJ has been ILLEGALLY TAKEN OVER and RUN by the Bayonne Police Department and particularily by ITALIAN HERITAGE INDIDIVIDUAL ( FBI Term) - BPD Officer Frescia and "other" PRIVATE SECURITY - y ITALIAN HERITAGE INDIDIVIDUALS ( FBI Term)

    BPD Officer Frescia has been "assigned" to the NJ STATE - DMV OFFICE for OVER 8 YEARS - "mysteriously" - every day - without a substitute or replacement

  • 630 Avenue C Bayonne, NJ 07002, USA - Bayonne

    BPD Stakeout Locations- Un-Authorized Surveilllance

    There is serious evidence rhat
    tbe Bayonne Police Dept

    Particularly, The BPD Detective Bureau
    is conducting spying on Residents
    from Secret - Stakeout Locations

    Not Investigating Crimes or Criminal

    But acting as Russiam Mafia Criminal Organizatiob or Spy Agency

    Monitoring Residents

    Without Warrant or Probable Cause


    Revenge Operations
    Slander Operations
    Corporate Espionage


    Story Court Library - Senior Center
    BCB Offices - 110 Ave C
    3rd Street + Kennedy Blvd - Hoysing Project
    Apt Bldg - Across from McDonalds
    21st + Ave E - Senior Housing Bldg
    Bayonne Public Library - Main Branch
    Sound City Offices - Top Floor


    Believed to be Stealing Mail of Residents

    - Homes
    - Businesses
    - Main Ps Office

    Illegal Wiretaps -ar Verizon Bldg - 30th St

  • 630 Avenue C Bayonne, NJ 07002, USA - Bayonne

    There are serious behavior problems
    and abuses by Bayonne Firemen
    and the Bayonne Fire Department

    Joy Riding on Fire Trucks

    Using Fire Trucks
    to go "shopping"
    at supermarkets

    Abusing Residents

    Laughing + Pointing at Residents
    as they pass by on Fire Engines

    Gossip Parties on Driveways of Fire Houses - Not Working - For Hours

    Talking about Residents, Friends snd Family Members

    Threatening passing by Residents

    Threats of Violence to passersby

    Saying "F@#$ You"to passersby

    Following residents passing by -
    out of the Fire Gouse
    off the driveway
    diwn thr block
    to beat up
    or threaten
    with violence

    Internet Surfing - Data Mining
    about Residents
    on laptops
    in Fire Houses - ON DUTY

    Above - mostly by
    4th Street Fire House

    Committing Corporate Espionage
    on IT Proffrssionals + Wall Streeters
    who reside in Bayonne NJ

    Even starting "competing" businesses
    or "startup" businesses
    with "stolen" documents or IP

    Participating in BPD Police Harssment
    involving False Arrest
    or False Imprisonment
    also possibly KIDNAPPING

    Conducting FALSE GAS LEAK
    Invesrigationd or Calks
    in Harassnent and Intimidation
    or Revenge Operations

    Spying and Conducting
    ON DUTY - Fake Fire Inspections
    and OFF DUTY with the "second" jobs ie Carpet Installation or Lawn Care
    for the Bayonne Police Dept

    Stealing from Residents
    during "second" jobs
    Contracting or Plumbing
    Responding to Fires

  • turtle Archived
    748-750 Avenue A Bayonne, NJ 07002, USA - Bayonne
  • 531 Avenue E Bayonne NJ 07002, United States - Bayonne
    I have a utility pole in my backyard with the tag number that’s in the picture. It looks like cable and not electric wires are on it. Who should I contact about possibly getting rid of the pole out of my property? Thanks.
  • 151 Lefante Way Bayonne NJ 07002, United States - Bayonne
    I placed these 3 planks of wood out with a sign oneach plank saying garbage. It was not picked up! Why? 92 Oxford Ave
  • 10 E 46th St Bayonne NJ 07002, United States - Bayonne
    Car parked across sidewalk blocking it completely. This is a busy sidewalk with constant stream of pedestrians, and this car is parked there almost all the time .k .,s
  • Kennedy Blvd & W 28th St Bayonne, NJ 07002, USA - Bayonne
    under construction and fence is falling onto the sidewalk
  • pothole Archived
    15 Benmore Ter Bayonne 07002, United States - Bayonne
    Pothole in road.
  • 1485–1499 John F Kennedy Blvd Bayonne NJ 07002, United States - Bayonne
    Hi, I noticed this dead cat on Sunday morning at the entrance of Mercer park And today surprisingly and sadly it's still there Can someone take care of it Thank you ?
  • 37 New Street - Bayonne
    Sink hole 37 new st