Clearview Ridge

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Clearview Ridge, Red Deer

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  • 27 Carlson Place Red Deer, AB - Red Deer
    The residents of 27 Carlson Place(corner lot) in Clearview North have not once shovelled their sidewalk. They are home daily so its not like they are on vacation. I realize it snowed within the last 24 hours, but it is clear that they have not shovelled the walk once this season.
  • Speeding Archived
    Carrington Drive Red Deer, Alberta - Red Deer
    We live on carrington drive and the speeding in the park zone is out of control. Many of us have tried to get some help from the police but nothing. There are many small children that take not only school busses but public transit and people just fly by with no regard for anyone's safety. I'm not sure how bad the police need it to get before they start ticketing people but it's getting ridiculous. Maybe we will only see them if they need to fill their "ticket quota" ?!?
  • Park zone Archived
    Carrington Drive Red Deer, AB - Red Deer
    People are still driving like maniacs on carrington drive, someone will get hit soon if no one tries to stop this. It's mostly all the construction workers. There are a lot of small children playing at this park. It's unsafe.
  • 3631-3679 David Thompson Hwy Red Deer, AB - Red Deer
    It is difficult to turn left onto 67 Street from Carrington Drive, need to install traffic signals
  • Street light Archived
    177 Carrington Drive Red Deer, AB - Red Deer
    The street light outside of 177 carrington dr has been burnt out for over a year :(
  • 27 Carlson Place Red Deer, AB - Red Deer
    Bad neighbours do not shovel their sidewalks. Bylaw has visited once and left a 24-48 hour warning and magically the walks got shovelled. The sidewalks have not been shovelled since and are icy.
  • Show Removal Archived
    37 Carlson Place Red Deer, AB - Red Deer
    37 Carlson Place does not shovel their sidewalks and they are becoming slippery.
    Is it not public knowledge or courtesy to shovel your sidewalks within 24-48 hours of a snow?